'Duck Dynasty' star Korie Robertson posts about Election Day unity: 'I pray that we will love one another'

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“Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson tried to give her followers some perspective about the 2020 presidential election by reflecting on the joy she felt while bonding with her family and community at the polls.

Korie, who is married to Willie Robertson of Duck Commander fame, took to Instagram on Election Day to share a handful of photos of her, her daughter-in-law Mary Kate and other family members as they waited in line to cast their vote. Although she did not specify who she voted for in the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, she noted that she’s aware of the fact that, regardless of the outcome, half the country will be upset with their leadership when it’s over. 

“I honestly thought voting this year would feel more somber than years past, more of simply an obligation, a duty. We can all agree, it’s been a tough year,” she began. “I don’t want to take anything away from the seriousness of the day, the knowledge that no matter who wins, the other half of the country will have to come to terms with living with an administration that was not of their choosing.”

She went on to note, however, that she enjoyed the community and family aspect of getting out to vote and explained how her overwhelming emotion through the process was feeling “thankful” to live in a country with free voting. 


“I’m thankful that I live in a country where I get to vote, and where my vote actually matters. Thankful for all of the people and laws on the ballot that we have a say in electing and deciding," she explained. "Thankful for the system that is set up so that even if it doesn’t go the way I thought was best, that every 4 years we get to do this again." 

Korie Robertson spoke about the joy she felt being with her family on Election Day.
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Korie continued: “Thankful that I got to go with my daughter-in-law and sweet grand baby, that the sun was shining, and as we stood there my grandmother (I’m going to have to ask her how many elections she’s voted in, she’s 89!) and aunt and uncle joined the line just behind us. Thankful to catch up with friends/neighbors that I’ve known for years, and to say hi to new friends I’ve grown to love this past year.”

In addition to her family, she noted that she was grateful for the “friendly strangers” they met while waiting in line to vote, before concluding her message with a reminder for people not to take democracy for granted. 


“I pray that we don’t take for granted the rights and opportunities we have as American citizens. I pray that we will love one another, and hope that when the votes are counted, we will all commit to praying for whoever is leading our country these next 4 years, whether it was the ones we cast our vote for or not,” she concluded. “If you haven’t voted yet, go do it! Don’t miss this chance for your voice to be heard.”

Although Korie’s post remained politically neutral, her husband and her father-in-law, Phil Robertson, have not been shy about making their support for Trump known throughout the past year. 

Last November, during a rally in Louisiana, Trump brought Phil and Willie on stage to address a crowd of his supporters.  


The duo shook hands with the president before each saying a few words into the microphone.

Willie and Phil Robertson appeared at a Trump rally in Louisiana in 2019.

“I got it down to this,” Phil, who spoke first, said. “If you’re pro-God and pro-America and pro-gun and pro-duck hunting… That’s all I want!”


“I don’t know what else to say after following Phil and the president and Eddie,” Willie added, referencing Eddie Rispone, a Republican candidate for governor of the state. “Thank you guys so much. You have been such a great community to share life with, to worship with and I’m so tickled to be here with the president, that he actually came down to our community."

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