Donald Glover appears as ‘Atlanta’ character Teddy Perkins at the Emmys

Donald Glover may be one of today’s most notable stars, but he showed up at the Emmys on Monday night looking almost unrecognizable.

Glover appeared in the audience as Teddy Perkins, a character he portrayed in the second season of his hit show “Atlanta.” Perkins, whom Glover plays in makeup and a wig, appeared in just a single episode of the show as a strange man with a mask-like face who encounters Lakeith Stanfield’s character, Darius.

“Atlanta” fans pointed out Perkins’ appearance early on in the show, where Glover was sitting in the front row, as he is nominated for five awards this year. Bill Hader, who won the best actor in a comedy series category opposite Glover, hugged the “Atlanta” star before heading on stage, and backstage, said, “I don’t know who that was I hugged but it was the guy from ‘Atlanta,’ he showed up.”

Online, the audience was quick to point out Glover’s character choice, with comedian Ben Schwartz joking that “the only thing more intense than Teddy Perkins being in the front row of the Emmys is trying to explain to someone who doesn’t watch Atlanta who Teddy Perkins is.”

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