‘Cringing violently’ Piers Morgan savages BAFTAs host Rebel Wilson

Piers Morgan announces launch of his new show 'Uncensored'

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Piers Morgan, 56, did not hold back in his criticism of Rebel Wilson, who hosted this year’s BAFTA Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The former Good Morning Britain host said he was “cringing violently” in a scathing tweet shared with his 7.9 million followers.

He wrote: “I’m cringing so violently watching Rebel Wilson attempt to host the #BAFTAs that I fear my eye sockets may explode.”

In a separate tweet, Piers added: “Great to see Rebel Wilson cracking all the jokes that would get a man abused, shamed and cancelled if he cracked them. #BAFTAs”

Other Twitter users appeared to agree with the broadcaster, taking to the social media platform to share their opinion on Rebel’s appearance.

Ittatto23 fumed: “This isn’t the #EEBAFTAS, this is the unfunny #RebelWilson comedy show! What a pathetic sketch, going to a cinema and showing off her blurry shortcomings and sharing an unfunny gag with the bloke of Little Britain.

“This is NOT after the 9pm watershed.”

Deb19622 added: “Watching the BAFTS who picks the presenters?

“Is rebel Wilson suppose to be funny it’s embarrassing.” (sic)

RUTH_S_H wrote: “Rebel Wilson still hasn’t settled into this role.

“It’s a shame because she is a TALENT.

“Not her day. Such a shame. I was rooting for her. #BAFTA2022”

KeithHu15316266 tweeted: “Who on earth thought Rebel Wilson would be appropriate for this event – foul-mouthed, disrespectful and completely without any style or class!

“We turned it off. There are so many quality alternatives!”

Vulgartrendkill typed: “Trying desperately not to sink deeper into my sofa with each cringy rebel Wilson joke ..#baftas”

While presenting the coveted event, Rebel took aim at the attendees who had been nominated for an award.

“I look at the exceptional, daring talent nominated in this category and I don’t think I could do what they do,” Rebel said of the all-male nominee group.

“Honestly, I just don’t have the balls,” she concluded.

Rebel also made a quip about Meghan Markle and her landmark Oprah Winfrey interview.

She said: “Our next package is for Outstanding British Film from drama to horror, to fantasy…

“Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah had it all.

“Unfortunately that’s not nominated in this category but some incredible films are.”

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