Avalon Young starts a GoFundMe page for her brain surgery

American Idol alum Avalon Young starts GoFundMe page to raise $100K for upcoming brain cancer surgery… after 90% of a peach-sized tumor was already removed

  • Avalon Young has started a GoFundMe page for donations in order to offset the cost of her upcoming brain surgery 
  • The former American Idol contestant recently told TMZ let that her medical issues began late last year 
  • She already had a tumor the size of a peach 90% removed with 10% left
  • Then doctors told her that she had brain cancer and more surgery was needed 

Avalon Young has started a GoFundMe page for donations in order to offset the cost of her upcoming surgery for brain cancer. 

The singer is hoping to get $100,000, and at publishing time already has $37,476 raised.

The former American Idol contestant already having a tumor the size of a peach removed from her brain in February. Ninety perfect was taken out with 10 percent remaining during the 16 hour operation. But doctors told her recently she now has brain cancer and needs another operation, according to TMZ.

Working through it: Former American Idol contestant Avalon Young recently started a GoFundMe page to help her offset the cost of her upcoming brain surgery; she is seen in 2016

The singer is best known for her appearances in the 15th season of the hit singing competition series and was eliminated after she made it into the top 10.

The 26-year-old performer recalled, ‘Everything was fine up until literally the week of Thanksgiving, I started having three seizures a day, which was super, super intense for me.’

Young went on to note that her initial prognosis was incorrect, which she did not find out until she physically went in to see a medical professional. 

‘I got the MRI and they found a tumor that I was originally told was the size of a golf ball, but when I went into the ER, it was the size of a peach,’ she said.

The singer then remarked that, after undergoing a medical procedure, she was led to believe that everything was fine, although she later found out that there was still more work to be done. 

Recent development: The singer spoke to TMZ and told the media outlet that everything was fine until last November, when she began experiencing various ailments

Different circumstances: The performer noted that, although her doctors originally said that her tumor was ‘the size of a golf ball,’ it eventually grew to ‘the size of a peach’; she is pictured in 2016

‘I had the first surgery and I was like, “All right, amazing, it’s done, I’m recovering.” And they put me on some medications…and then, just recently, I went back for a check-up and it turned out that I actually have a cancer in my brain,’ she said.

Young also related that the donation page, which was started earlier this year, is crucial to the completion of her treatments.

‘The GoFundMe is one of the most important things in my life right now because it’s really all that we have, like holding us up for, you know, paying all the medical bills,’ she stated.

The performer gave the media outlet a bit of information regarding her further medical treatments and expressed enthusiasm for her upcoming procedure. 

Grateful for the help: Young noted that the GoFundMe page was ‘one of the most important things in my life right now’; she is pictured in 2016

Young noted that her doctors ‘went in there and they took out the central part of the tumor because it was most important…for this next surgery, it’s actually going to be, I think this is really cool; it’s going to be a laser.’

The singer concluded by remarking that her forthcoming treatments were going to be much less intense than her original procedures, as much of her tumor has already been removed. 

‘They’ve already gotten out 90 percent, there’s only 10 percent left in my brain, [her doctor] says it’s looking really good, it’s going to be way easier than last time, which I’m excited about because the last surgery was pretty rough,’ she stated.

Although she is focusing on her medical issues, Young will be releasing a single entitled She Don’t later this month.  

Looking up: Young went on to note that, as much of her tumor has already been removed, her further treatment was ‘going to be way easier…which I’m excited about’

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