Anna Duggar: Secretly Living With Josh at His Guardians’ House?

Anna Duggar’s life is basically one big question mark these days.

Her husband, Josh Duggar, was arrested on child pornography charges back in April, and he’s facing up to 20 years in prison if he’s convicted.

No one knows what will happen to Anna if Josh goes to jail, and it seems almost certain that the father of six will serve at least a few years behind bars.

Josh’s team of attorneys managed to have his trial pushed back until November, but legal experts believe they’re only delaying the inevitable.

As he awaits the verdict that will determine his fate, Josh is living with friends of his father’s in a small house in northwest Arkansas.

LaCount and Maria Reber were eligible to serve as Josh’s guardians, as they do not have anyone under the age of 18 living in their home.

(One of the terms of his probation is that Josh is not permitted to live with minors.)

The arrangement has been secretive from the very beginning, yet reports that it’s been a strain on everyone involved continue to surface.

Someone in the Reber home called 911 on Josh’s very first night of residence.

We still don’t know exactly what happened there, but it seems that Josh is still wearing out his welcome at the Reber residence.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Anna has been living with Josh at the Reber’s house, which was presumably not part of the original arrangement.

“Anna is spending most of her time with Josh at the Rebers’, and her family have stepped in to help raise all their kids,” a source tells the outlet.

“She takes [the kids] to visit him or they are looked after while she’s there alone, despite what he’s been charged with she refuses to believe he’s guilty.”

Anna is reportedly “not on good terms” with Maria Reber, which comes as no surprise.

After all, to Maria, Anna is just some woman who took up residence in her home in order to be closer to her sexual predator husband.

“Mrs. Reber doesn’t really want [Anna] there because they don’t get along,” the insider says.

To make matters worse, it seems that Anna is not getting along with the members of the Duggar family, either.

“Anna is really struggling with Josh’s arrest, and she’s still at war with his parents Jim Bob and Michelle,” a different source tells The Sun.

“She has been pointing the finger at everyone else for what has happened to Josh. She’s falling out with family members and isolating herself.”

So needless to say, the Duggars have not been the ones watching Josh and Anna’s six kids while they’re holed up at the Rebers.

Instead, it seems that that honor has belonged to Anna’s sister, Priscilla Waller, and her husband David, who have been caring for Josh and Anna’s massive brood since shortly after Josh was released from prison.

It certainly sounds like Josh and Anna have been benefiting greatly from the kindness of others over these past few months.

Of course, that’s something they might not be able to rely on much longer after Josh gets convicted.

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