Alec Baldwin hails a cab in NYC after begging fans to follow his wife

Alec Baldwin hails a cab in NYC after begging fans to follow his wife Hilaria on Instagram for her 39th birthday

Alec Baldwin was spotted in New York City as he hailed a cab after his epic quest to get his wife a million followers for her birthday on January 6.

The 64-year-old actor dressed in all black and did not appear to be with his wife Hilaria Baldwin, who had one specific request from her husband for her 39th birthday — more Instagram followers.

Alec tucked two books under his left arm and watched his phone as he appeared to be following his driver’s location.

Waiting for his ride: Alec Baldwin was spotted in New York City getting a cab after his epic quest to get his wife a million followers for her birthday on Friday

Alec kept it casual, layering up in a black jacket, collared button down, slacks, and leather shoes. 

In a desperate video plea on Friday, the father-of-seven begged his fans to follow his wife in hopes of getting her past the coveted milestone on Instagram.

He continued asking fans to follow her again on Saturday and ended his 1 minute 40 second long video with ‘I wanna get my wife to a million followers, please follow my wife.’

It took two days of pleas and requests from the actor on the social media platform, which sparked some criticism from people who called his campaign ‘shallow’ and ‘bizarre’, but his wife did in fact pass the milestone threshold of one million followers on Instagram.

Busy on his phone: Alec kept busy on his phone, possibly checking his wife’s follower count on Instagram

His chariot awaits:  Baldwin carried some reading material as he got into his taxi

Mission accomplished: Alec Baldwin sent a thank you note on Instagram after he reached his goal of helping his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, top one million Instagram followers for her birthday

In a show of gratitude, the longtime Hollywood leading man wrote a simple note that read: ‘Many thanks to everyone who helped get my wife to 1 million followers,’ and then posted it on his Instagram page along with the simple caption: ‘Truly.’

Hilaria has since re-posted her husband’s message to thank everyone who took part in the virtual birthday gift.

‘Grateful to all of you. It’s like a fun party that we are all at,’ she shared, along with a green heart emoji. ‘Love you all. Let’s make 2023 amazing.’

She also shared a photo from her birthday party at home, along with another expressing gratitude for all well-wishes on her special day.

‘Love you all for the birthday wishes and helping me celebrate 39….here is to much cake, wild Baldwinito dance parties, and getting dressed up to go out with my husband.’

On a mission: Baldwin, 64, lobbied his 2.5 million Instagram fans to start following his wife for two days in several videos 

‘Grateful’: Hilaria, who turned 39 on Friday, shared her gratitude when she reposted her husband’s thank you note on her Instagram Stories

The former 30 Rock star made one last pitch to people to follow Hilaria Friday night, only this time he offered some insight into why it’s important his wife top the one million mark. 

Alec explained why this is so important to his wife on her birthday saying, ‘Hilaria is somebody who social media is a big part of her platform in terms of her promotion of her work, and her podcast and other things that she is doing.’

Despite offering an explanation for his Instagram follower request, a slew of people took the time out to question why the couple cares about Instagram follower counts.

Countless commenters asked questions like, ‘I’m wondering why that’s so important’ and ‘And this is important, why?’

Backlash: There was a slew of people who criticized Alec’s effort to get his wife to one million Instagram followers, with some calling it ‘sad’ and ‘pathetic’

‘One million followers is what’s important on a birthday?? Give me a break,’ wrote one person, who actually had a number of other people share similar comments.

The Baldwins both shared photos and videos from Hilaria’s birthday celebration on their social media platforms.

The couple, who have been married for more than 10 years, are the proud parents of seven children: sons Eduardo, two, Romeo, four, Leonardo, six, and Rafael, seven, plus daughters Ilaria, three months, Maria, two next month, and Carmen, nine. 

Birthday celebration: The Baldwins went out to celebrate Hilaria’s birthday by meeting up with friends for dinner

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