Does TikTok’s viral tin foil hack really prevent frizzy and flyaway hair?

Written by Morgan Fargo

TikTok strikes again.

Maybe you’ve already seen the slew of videos touting the benefits of tin foil for static and frizzy hair on social media. If you haven’t, not to worry, it’s a simple hack to pick up. 

Over on TikTok, people are fixing static, frizzy and flyaway hair by rubbing a sheet of tin foil onto the surface of the hair. The original video by user @laurentpreble has been viewed over 8.3 million times, with comments ranging from positive agreement to further reccomendations for dryer sheets as alternative anti-static solutions. 

The result is instantly smooth hair that lays flush to the head. And no, it’s not too good to be true – the hack really does work. But, is it a realistic long-term solution? 

“Sliding a sheet of aluminium foil across the hair does help to reduce static hair and flyaways. As a short-term, quick fix, it’s scientifically proven to work. As the metal in foil is a conductor, it gathers and transfers electric charges away from your hair, and while it works in the short term, after an hour or so you will notice the effects wearing off,” explains Cliphair stylist Lynn Chambers. 

“I think it’s best to stick with long-term solutions, such as extra styling products that nourish and keep hair healthy, as opposed to a short-term fix.”

The truth, as with most things online, is that there’s a happy compromise to be found somewhere in the middle. If you’re time-poor, running out of the house pre-commute, for example, a sheet of tinfoil will see you de-static your hair in a matter of seconds, with no residue or mirror necessary. 

However, if you’re attempting to keep your hair smooth and static-free all day long, products that help to smooth and seal the hair shaft, without adding excess weight, will likely serve you far better.  

Main image: TikTok

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