Young boys are knocked over by force of airplane engine

We have lift-off! Two daredevil boys sent flying by the power of a jet’s exhaust as the plane gets ready for take-off

  •  Two giggling young boys cheekily pose as a jet takes off in Indonesia
  • Funny footage shows them both knocked over by force of powerful winds

This is the moment two cheeky young boys are caught off guard after an airplane takes off behind them, knocking them to the ground.

The footage starts as the two daredevils pose for the camera as a plane prepares to take off behind them at Wamena Airport in Indonesia.

The boys playfully run around in the long grass as the strong gusts of winds blow behind them. 

The plane then increases its speed causing the boys to be knocked off their feet and onto the grass.

They lay on the grass as the powerful wind continues as the jet moves up the runway.

They are then seen floundering as they try to get up and run off. They did not appear to be hurt by the fall. 

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The two daredevils playfully run around in the grass as the plane prepares to take off. As it moves up the runway they are flung on the ground because of the powerful force of the wind

Due to being located at a high altitude and surrounded by high mountains, Wamena Airport is dubbed as one of the most dangerous airports in Indonesia. 

Unpredictable weather in the highlands of Papua has resulted some aircraft accidents, which sometimes resulted in fatalities. 

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