Workplace Guidance For The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19, which is a form of coronavirus, started from Wuhan, China. And since the last few months, it has been spreading worldwide. It has created a state of panic in many countries. Countries like the US and Italy are most affected by this virus. Millions of people have been infected from it and thousands have died. Though the death rate of the virus is just 2-4%, the majority of infected people need intensive care. And most of the countries do not have the capacity to accommodate so many patients. So, they end up stuffing patients everywhere in the hospital.

In this coronavirus pandemic, many countries have declared a complete lockdown. While some are still providing essential services. Due to this lockdown, people have been stocking up their daily requirements. The tissue roll wholesale, disinfectant wholesale and medical mask wholesale have increased rapidly. Other items like frozen food and packaged food are also sold in large quantities.

While people are maintaining social distance at all these shops, many people are working in offices with other people. This is a big concern as they contact many people throughout the day. But these offices can also not be closed because they are providing people with daily essentials and services. For example, in India, Policemen, water supply and home delivery services are still working.

Taking Security measures

These offices have to make sure that they provide a secure atmosphere for their employees. Some of the measures, these offices can take to protect their employees are:

  • Provide employees with sanitizers and medical masks: This way, they can keep themselves clean and protected.

  • Promote handwash: Ask the employees to wash their hands or sanitize them on frequent intervals.

  • Social distancing: Ask the employees to maintain distance from one another and do not gather at any place. Also, tell them not to get in physical contact with one another.

  • Do not force: If any of the employees are not feeling well, do not force them to come to the office. Ask them to stay at home and consult a doctor.

  • Keep the workplace clean: Sanitize desks and computers of the employees. Ask them to keep everything clean and hygienic around them.

  • Clean Washrooms: Sanitize the washrooms regularly as they can be the main cause of germ transfer.

  • Avoid traveling: Avoid any meetings that would require the employees to travel. Also, promote online meetings and work.

  • Do not call unnecessary employees: If the work at the office can be done by a specific number of employees, then call them in different shifts and do not call the entire office together.

  • Screening of employees: If possible, conduct a coronavirus screening of the employees to make sure that all of them are healthy.

These are some simple workplace measures that can avoid the spread of coronavirus. Employees are doing a great job by coming office in such a situation. They are doing this to serve the people of the nation, the organizations too should take care of them and make sure none of them suffers because of their carelessness. Everybody’s little contribution can avoid this virus from spreading.