Woman watching livestream saves New York pigs from barn blaze

Just in the nick of swine!

A pair of upstate pregnant pigs were saved from being turned into bacon — when a woman watching them on a livestream noticed their barn was on fire and raised the alarm.

Laura Palladino had visited the porkers at June Farms in West Sand Lake over the summer, and tuned into their “swine cam” over the weekend to see if they had given birth, WKBN reported.

But instead, she saw smoke in the livestream — and soon a fire had broken out, the outlet reported.

“I logged on and at first, I thought it was just, like, a wood-burning stove in the background,” Palladino said.

It turns out that one of the pigs, Ethel, had knocked over a heat lamp and started a barn blaze.

Palladino, who lives about 60 miles away from the farm in Dutchess County, called 911 to see if authorities could help.

“I just called 911, but I’m in Dutchess County, so the 911 [call] sent me to Dutchess County 911. And the operator, he was like, ‘What? You’re watching a YouTube video?’” Palladino recounted.

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