Woman vacationing on farm finds six newborn rodents squeaking in bed

The rat pack! Woman vacationing on an Oregon farm finds six newborn rodents squeaking in her bed

  • Olivia Longstaff arrived at an Oregon farmhouse rental to find baby rats in bed
  • The six little rodents had chewed their way through the comforter 
  • Viewers on TikTok appeared to be both endeared and repulsed by the footage 

A woman who is living in Oregon has posted video online of the moment she discovered rat sextuplets who had managed to burrow themselves inside the comforter on her bed.

Olivia Longstaff quickly worked out why her bed was squeaking so much and posted the video to TikTok where she zoomed in on the tiny, pink squeaking rodents. 

‘We just found these in the bed. We went away for a couple of days and they were in our comforter,’ she explained.

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Ratted out! A woman who was renting a farmhouse discovered six rates that had burrowed into the comforter on her bed

Rattled: The rodents could be heard squeaking away underneath the bed covers

There was another blanket over them when I sat down! #fyp #farmlife #wwoofing #mice

Olivia Longstaff arrived at her Oregon farmhouse rental to find baby rats in her bed

‘I sat down and I heard something… aww babies,’ she says during the short clip.

The tiny pink rats appear to be newborn with their eyes still sealed shut and their bodies completely devoid of fur.

Her comforter is also well and truly destroyed with bits of material all over the place having been chewed through by the determined rats. 

Longstaff had just moved into the home which is located on a farm where she will be living for the next two months.  

The video has led to a range of reactions on social media with some people suggesting she immediately move house while others urge for her to take care of the new arrivals.  

‘I would get rid of the entire house,’ wrote Shannon Santini.

‘Throw the whole house away and start over,’ added user Snookie.

‘Aww they are such beautiful little things. please look after then, Their little lives matter. Please don’t listen to people saying throw them away,’ Tarsha Marrie begged. 

Longstaff later stated that she is currently living on a farm and that it ‘wasn’t the craziest thing she had found inside.’  

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