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It has been revealed that when buying a £5 bottle of booze – only 37p of it is actually spent on the wine.

The rest of the fiver goes on VAT, packaging, delivery and duty.

This means a much poorer quality vintage sloshes around in your glass.

In some cases, the cork or screw cap on a bottle can cost 50p alone – more than the 37p worth of wine itself.

In comparison, in a £10 bottle of wine you get £2.76 worth of booze – seven times the amount than a bottle half the price.

Naked Wines said that in a £5 bottle, only 10 per cent of that money is spent on the wine, whereas for a £10 bottle, it is 30 per cent.

In a £20 bottle, 35 per cent is spent on the wine itself.

It means it's worth spending that little bit extra to get more bang for your buck.

According to Alex Davies, a buyer at Virgin Wines, a good price band for a bottle would be from around £9 to £15.

But it's not worth spending too much more.

The limit is around £30 – any more than that and you are paying for the label and vineyard's reputation.

The experts said: "Quality doesn’t get much better past a certain point, no matter how much cash you flash.

"And if you are going to splash out on a pricey wine, experts have long been urging people to do so at home rather than when dining out at restaurants, where mark-ups are a notoriously grey area, with no regulations or official guidelines. "

Ed Betts, wine expert at Asda, also agreed that the perfect amount to spend is between £6 and £8.

He previously told The Sun Online: “It can be complicated to understand what is good value.

“But if you spend between £6 and £8 you are guaranteed to get a good bottle of wine for you money.”

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