Wheelie-pulling quad bike gang terrorise drivers on dual carriageway

Wheelie-pulling quad bike gang terrorise drivers as they ’cause chaos’ with rolling roadblock on busy dual carriageway and even kick a car as they ride past

  • The gang of eight vehicles terrorised traffic on the A13 in Dagenham on Sunday
  • Video shows them bringing traffic to a near-halt on the busy dual carriageway
  • One even kicks out at the driver’s side door of Volkswagen Golf as they ride past 

A quad bike gang terrorised drivers as they caused chaos with a rolling roadblock on a busy dual carriageway, with one even kicking a car as they rode past.

The wheelie-pulling bikers left other motorists terrified as they swerved in and out of traffic on the A13 Eastbound on Sunday night. 

In footage taken by Joe Correia, the gang can be seen bringing traffic almost ‘to a halt’ near the Goresbrook Interchange in Dagenham, east London.

The video even shows one ‘intimidating’ biker looking over his shoulder and appearing to mock the father-of-four. 

Mr Correia, from Aveley, Essex, said the ‘dangerous’ group of four quad bikes, three off-road bikers and a scooter caused mayhem at around 9.30pm on June 26. 

Footage shows one quad biker kicking out at the door of a a Volkswagen Golf on the A13

The 37-year-old called the police after one of the helmet-wearing thugs kicked out at the driver’s side door of a Volkswagen Golf. 

‘It got really dangerous, you don’t want to be caught up in it,’ he said.

‘If anything, it was a shock at the time and I didn’t register what happened. I wanted to just get myself out of the situation.

‘I’d already had one quad to my right pulling wheelies, I didn’t really think much of it.

‘But it had started dropping back and holding the traffic up, then ahead of me I could see a lot of brake lights.

‘All the traffic was coming to a halt so I moved over to the right, they were all over to the left.

‘It was reckless and extremely dangerous, and intimidating as well. There were a few times when they touched the brakes and made me think they were going to hit the brakes hard.

‘I went to go past him at one point and he weaved back in front of me. He was staring right back at me, looking at me.

‘I thought if I could get past it quickly I’d be out of the way, but it didn’t quite work out like that.’

Mr Correia, who works as a train driver, tried to pass the careless bikers but soon became trapped behind them, before he spotted a quad biker booting a car in front of him.

The eight-vehicle group caused chaos on the A13 in Dagenham on Sunday night, bringing traffic to an almost complete halt

One quad biker was even seen pulling a wheelie on the busy dual carriageway near to the Goresbrook Interchange

‘I think the idea was to cause as much chaos as possible, I can’t see any other purpose for it,’ he said.

‘The one on the scooter kept on weaving in and out and blocking the traffic off.

‘Cars started to get agitated – under and overtaking and trying to squeeze through gaps.

‘I think the Golf must have had some altercation already and that was why they chased after him.

‘I don’t know if something happened off camera but they all sped up quickly after that Golf.

‘You see [one biker] speed up after that, then you see him kicking it at the Ferry Lane junction.

‘The Volkswagen Golf was boxed in and they physically kicked the car.’

Mr Correia says he called 999 and the operator said they had received ‘many reports’ about the incident.

Joe said: ‘I did report it to the police at the time. They just put in a report and said there’d been many reports of it in the area.

‘In the last clip, you see a police car with the blues on going the other way. After they saw the police car, they all came off at the junction.’

The Met Police has been contacted for comment. 

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