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THE Queen's Christmas Day speech gives our head of state a chance to reflect on the past year's ups and downs.

But what time is it, why did she start and what did Jeremy Corbyn say after he got caught out pretending to tune in? Here's everything you need to know.

What time is the Queen's Christmas Day speech?

The Queen's Christmas Day speech is on every year at 3 pm.

You can watch it either on BBC One or ITV, Sky One or Sky News at 3pm.

It's also broadcast on BBC Radio Four.

What's the theme of the Queen's message in 2019?

The theme for this year is yet to be confirmed.

But the speeches usually follow a similar format – the Queen will look back at the biggest events of the past year.

It's likely she'll discuss Archie, Harry and Meghan's son – and she might also talk about her granddaughter, Princess Beatrice's engagement.

The Queen's Christmas message is a rare occasion for her to air her views to the public, rather than turning to the government – so in theory, Her Maj can talk about whatever one wants.

When did the Queen's Christmas Day speech start?

The Queen gave her first Christmas message via radio in 1952.

The first televised Christmas message aired five years later, and continued every year since with the exception of 1969 after she decided the royal family "had been on television enough."

That year, the royals had been part of an unprecedented documentary – but the Queen still gave a Christmas address, just in written form.

What did Jeremy Corbyn say about the Queen's speech?

Corbyn was left red-faced earlier this week after ITV presenter Julie Etchingham caught him out pretending to watch the Queen's Speech.

The labour boss said, when asked if he watched the Queen's Christmas address: "It's on in the morning, usually we have it on… some of the time."

But ITV presenter Julie Etchingham pointed out that the traditional address doesn't take place until 3pm on Christmas Day.

She then pressed: "You don't watch it, do you Mr Corbyn?"

He claimed there was "lots to do" on the day with family and friends.

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