What is the Holy Grail and where is it?

THE Holy Grail is considered one of the most sacred and sought after objects in both the Christian religion and Arthurian legend.

The term Holy Grail is often used to describe the pinnacle of a subject or a highly prized goal that is often unachievable – but what is the Grail and where did the idea come from?

What is the Holy Grail?

According to the teachings of Christianity, the Holy Grail was the cup that Jesus Christ drank from during the Last Supper.

It was also the cup used to collect Christ’s blood during the crucifixion.

But its existence and form have been speculated over by many theorists and academics, with the majority of people believing the Holy Grail is a mythical object.

However some believe the Grail is not a cup but a written document or even the womb of Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene.

For the people who believe the Holy Grail is the cup Jesus drank from, there are various theories as to where it is located – and if it has already been found.

In Arthurian literature, it is an important treasure in the legend of the era of King Arthur.

It is described as a cup, dish or stone with miraculous powers that provide happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance – and is often in the custody of the Fisher King.

In modern times, the term Holy Grail is often used to describe a hard to reach goal or subject that is highly sought after.

Where is the Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail is said to be located in various places, although it has never been found.

Some believe it is located in Glastonbury in England, Somerset.

According to some sources, the Knights Templars discovered the Holy Grail at the Temple in Jerusalem, took it away, and hid it. 

Meanwhile, there are several locations in Spain that are believed to contain the mythical item – including the Montserrat Abbey north of Barcelona.

Another contender for the Holy Grail is a cup kept in La Capilla del Santo Cáliz (Chapel of the Chalice) in the Valencia Cathedral in Spain.

What has the Holy Grail also been called?

The Holy Grail has also been reffered to as The Holy Chalice.

Other names for it are the Saint Grael or San Graal.

What films has the Holy Grail featured in?

All interepretations of the mythical object have featured in major films throughout the years.

These range from action adventure, dramas and even slapstick comedy.

Some of the most memorable films to include the mythical object include:

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
  • Excalibur (1981)
  • The Da Vinci Code (2006)
  • Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989)
  • Lancelot of the Lake (1974)
  • The Fisher King (1981)


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