What happened to Brit backpacker Catherine Shaw in Guatemala and when did she go missing?

But what happened to her and what's the latest? Here's what we know.

What happened to Brit backpacker Catherine Shaw?

Police believe that British backpacker Catherine Shaw, 23, was raped and murdered on a Guatemala volcano hiking trail notorious for gun-wielding bandits, cops say.

Her naked body was found in a mountain cavern on March 11, 2019, as police in Guatemala told The Sun Online they had already identified and interviewed a number of suspects.

A preliminary police report that was leaked to local press says that Catherine was found "totally naked, face down and at first sight has visible blows to her body and lacerations on her left leg."

A spokesman for Guatemala's PNC police said that the state of decomposition of her body meant it would not be possible to confirm how the injuries had been caused and that forensic experts would have to determine the cause of death.

Police have said a "criminal investigation" had been launched into the "deplorable incident".

The Policia Nacional Civil issued a statement after they found a woman's body this evening, describing her apparent murder as a “deplorable event”.

The news comes as Catherine’s dad Tarquin was due to arrive in San Juan La Laguna, the town where she had been staying.

Earlier, searchers found Catherine's jacket and her puppy “shivering and alone” on a volcano.

Both were discovered a short hike from the Mayachik eco-hotel, where Catherine was reported missing during the early hours of March 5.

Search teams had focused on the area after Catherine’s small stray white and grey puppy was found there early on Friday.

Catherine, from Witney, in Oxfordshire, was last seen in the Eco Hotel Mayachik in San Juan la Laguna in the early hours at the accommodation where she was staying with her friend Elena Consolini.

However her family believe she may not have been murdered and instead think she may have fallen to her death after stripping off to watch the sunrise.

A doctor from the country's National Institute of Forensic Sciences said the body showed signs of trauma – but no evidence of rape, stabbing, or gunshot wounds.

Miguel Angel Samayoa said: "In the preliminary findings, there are no wounds from bullets or sharp weapons. There are blows to the body."

When did she go missing?

Catherine was last seen in the early hours of Tuesday, March 5, in San Juan la Laguna in the Lake Atitlan area of the central American country where she had been travelling with a friend.

Although not as yet formally identified, police in Guatemala said it was the body of the missing Brit.

Police told The Sun Online they have launched a murder investigation after finding the body at the volcano lookout point known as Indian Nose.

It is believed that Catherine's trousers were handed in after they were found by local search teams before her body was discovered.

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