What games can you play with family and friends?

Everyone knows that board games are always fun and exciting. Do you know that this is also a magic key to maintaining the activity and health of the mind? Different people with different needs and abilities gather at the same table with one goal – to have fun. But, in fact, the game process has a beneficial effect on health in various aspects and at any age. We have prepared for you a short list of why it is necessary and important to play.

Provide well-being
One of the side effects of board games is laughter. It, in turn, increases the amount of hormones of endorphins and cause a feeling of happiness. Sincere loud laughter and joy in the company can also contribute to empathy, empathy and trusting relationships with others.

Make time with the family a fun and diverse activity
Family gatherings sometimes seem like an impossible thing, because everyone has different schedules and everyone does his own thing. But still, do not forget that you need to gather from time to time, because without communication relationships can go bad. Board games after a family dinner are a great way to get closer to family and strengthen family ties.

Build memory and improve cognitive skills
Playing board games, develop basic cognitive skills – for example, ability to solve problems. It is especially useful to play board games for the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex – these two departments are responsible for memory and thinking. We scoured the Internet to find the best board games for adults around. Choose one on BoardGamesGuru.com
In old age, board games help the brain maintain mental abilities and keep them in excellent condition.

Reduce the risk of developing mental illness
One of the main advantages of board games is the reduced risk of cognitive impairment – for example, the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. When your mind is busy, your neural connections become stronger. And the stronger the brain, the more stable it is.

Contribute to the development of children
Tables play a significant role in children’s health and brain development. Children improve logical, critical, spatial thinking. Speech and communication skills, the ability to concentrate over a long period of time and attentiveness are also activated.

Accelerate responses
Even if you are no longer a child, you still get your portion of the benefits of the game. The more you play, the better and faster you react to and interact with the environment. For example, it will not be difficult for you to find the keys to the car (second toe, remote control from the TV and so on and so forth) without having to rummage the whole house. Lower blood pressure. When you play, you laugh, and with the release of endorphin into the blood, blood pressure decreases and blood pressure becomes stable. Muscles relax and blood circulates freely throughout the body. Thus, you get a pleasant prevention of heart disease and stroke.

Increase immunity
Studies show that negativity, depression, and stress reduce your body’s ability to fight disease. And vice versa – positive feelings and thoughts, joyful laughter and pleasure help fight stress and increase immunity. The game process gives a lot of joy, so you are protected and you are not afraid of sores! They have a therapeutic effect. Many board games require the use of fine motor skills – for example, to move figures on the map, as well as actions where coordination and dexterity are needed. Regular practice and activity improves these skills, which is especially important for children, people with mental or physical disabilities, the elderly and recovering from accidents. Board games are very useful – in combination with occupational therapy and gymnastics, they help to improve the function of muscles and nerves over time.

Reduce stress
Board games with friends are a great way to relax. Some people choose alcohol or other dubious methods for this purpose, but you and I know how to rest in such a way as to maintain health!