What does pog mean?

TIKTOK has brought in a new age of social media fame and with it comes new terms.

Slang such as 'POV', 'sus', 'no cap' and the latest 'pog' have crept into everyday use from the popular social media app.

What does 'pog' mean?

If you have been on TikTok recently you may have seen an increasing number of comments saying 'pog'.

The word has been appearing under popular videos across the app.

#Pog has over 2.4billion views on TikTok, with people tagging their videos with the word.

It used to indicate the commenter enjoyed the video and means good or amazing.

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What is a 'pogger'?

Similarly to 'pog', 'pogger' is used to express happiness or excitement.

There is also 'Pogchamp' for the same reason, first used in a video uploaded around 2012.

'Pogger' is sometimes directed the person in the video but overall it just means amazing.

On streaming site Twitch it was sometimes linked to an emoticon – or emote – of Pepe the Frog looking surprised.

It follow words such as 'lit' and 'fire' which have fallen somewhat out of use online.

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Where did 'pog' originate from?

The term 'pog' has actually been around for years in gamer circles.

It is an abbreviation for 'play of the game'.

Originally, it was from the game Overwatch which highlights the best play at the end of each match.

Over time the term spread to other games, became 'pog' and morphed in the word we see on TikTok and beyond today.

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