Watch as cop sprints after suspect in hilarious chase before wrestling him to the ground | The Sun

THIS is the hilarious moment a cop gave chase on foot as a suspect attempted to flee.

The officer can be seen sprinting behind a bloke in a white tracksuit and trainers for at least 30 seconds before tackling him to the ground.

Footage shows the man dashing down a street before taking a right as the cop follows.

The pair then run across two roads without looking for oncoming traffic.

As the man tries to get away, he takes a quick look over his shoulder and realises the officer is closing in.

He then swerves to the side of the street before appearing to trip.

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The cop then attempts to wrestle him to the ground as he tries to get back up.

They become locked in at struggle as the suspect desperately tries to cling to the metal railing to stay on his feet.

But the cop overpowers him and pins him to the ground before handcuffing him.

He then picks the bloke up off the ground as he waits for back up to arrive.

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Another cop then helps haul the suspect into the patrol car as another pulls up.

It is unclear why the man was arrested or where the footage was taken.

Social media users have hailed the officer's efforts in running after the suspect.

One said: "Massive credit and respect to that officer, not only chasing down the baddy but getting control of him single handed."

Another added: "Absolutely amazing! The police officer deserves a medal."

A third commented: "Fair play to the officer, fit and good skills – awesome arrest my friends."

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