Vulnerable OAPs 'being EVICTED from care homes after family complained'

VULNERABLE residents are being turfed out of care homes less than a month after families voice fears about how they're being treated, it's been claimed.

Campaigners have blasted the so-called "revenge evictions" which providers use to shut down accusations of neglect and abuse, The Express reports.

It's not clear how big the scale of the problem is, but experts say huge amounts of distress is being caused because OAPs are losing their accommodation on short notice, even in cases where they have complicated care requirements.

And although laws exist to stop tenants being put on the streets, there is no equivalent protection for care home residents.


Jayne Connery, founder of Care Campaign for the Vulnerable, said: "The frequency of such malign and morally bankrupt behaviour is escalating.

"Every single week I receive a complaint from a very agitated and anxious family telling me this is the course of action taken against their loved one."

She added that while most providers are responsible, some use the threat of eviction to silence families' concerns.

It is even claimed that some issued eviction notices after legitimate complaints about staff shortages and unexplained injuries were lodged with care homes — because the homes don't want to deal with the trouble.

The crisis could also be much worse if families keep quiet in the fear they wouldn't be able to find their loved one a new place to live in less than a month.


There are believed to be 1.4million older people with social care needs that aren't being met in the UK.

Ms Connery wants the long-awaited Social Care Green Paper — a 2017 Tory manifesto pledge that's still unpublished — to include measures like mandatory CCTV monitoring in care home communal areas.

Andrew Geach, chief executive of Shedfield Lodge care home in Hampshire, said: "The majority of care homes would not do this, but I know eviction notices are being served unwarranted.

"Some families are too scared to complain because they are worried they will be served with a 28-day eviction notice."

The Department of Health and Social Care has been contacted for comment.


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