Vile troll tells brave cancer mum whose daughter died 'your awful choices killed your baby' in shocking rant

Heidi Loughlin, 36, today hit back at the "emotional terrorist" who posted a wicked message online telling her: "You never gave that child a chance".

Heidi was diagnosed with aggressive inflammatory breast cancer while pregnant with her third child in 2015.

The ex-police officer opted to delay chemotherapy for the sake of the baby, but little Ally Louise Smith caught an infection and died aged eight days.

Heidi has since won thousands of admirers through her inspirational blog, detailing how she has defied doctors and survived much longer than predicted.

Now one of those who followed her story from the beginning has launched a vile attack accusing her of being selfish.

The troll, posting under the name of Kitty Meijer, wrote: "When you already had two kids you decided that they and your husband were less important than it was for you to be a martyr, so you decided to f*** it all and delay cancer treatment so you could have another baby.

"After that you don't even give that baby a chance."

The troll claimed Heidi's "godawful choices led directly" to the baby's death, adding: "Thank god Ally got taken away from you, you selfish lying miserable excuse for a human being.

"You made your cancer bed, now lie in it and die."

Heidi, of Portsihead near Bristol, decided to expose the troll on Facebook and Twitter, telling supporters: "Thankfully I'm made of Teflon but others are not.".

And she told the Bristol Post: "I know someone writing under that name has targeted another mum who has also lost a child.

"I have such a lovely group of supporters – there was no way this person was going to bring me down. But I did want to share their comments to help other women who might be targeted.

"I think the word troll doesn't really go far enough – they are almost emotional terrorists. They are obviously very sad people who want to make other people feel sad like them.

"I think they might look at me and everything I've been through and think it's unfair that I can feel happy but they are clearly not."

We told last year of the agonising choice Heidi faced when she got the shock cancer diagnosis.

She decided to delay potentially life-saving drug therapy until her baby had a 90 per cent chance of survival.

At 28 weeks, docs advised her to have a C-section and Ally was born healthy, but an infection days later caused bleeds on both sides of her brain and she could not be saved.

Doctors then told Heidi her disease had spread to her lungs and lymph nodes and she may only have two years to live.

Three years on, she is relishing every day of her life with husband Keith Smith and sons Noah, five, and Tait, three, but has also told how she dreads saying goodbye.

She has recorded her highs and lows in a series of moving posts on her award-winning blog Storm In A Tit Cup.

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