US soldiers ‘among the victims’ after suicide bomb blast in Syria

Two US soldiers ‘among the dead’ after ISIS suicide bomber blows up outside a restaurant in Syria

  • Suicide bomber blew themselves up outside a restaurant in Manbij, Syria 
  • Two US soldiers are reported to have died and another two injured in the blast
  • ISIS-linked news agency Amaq said the terror group was responsible 

American soldiers were reported among the victims after a suicide bomber blew themselves up near a coalition patrol in Syria on Wednesday.  

Kurdish news agency ANHA reported that two American soldiers died from their injuries and two more were wounded after the blast in Manbij.  

At least nine people are dead and 20 wounded after the bomber blew themselves up outside a restaurant where the soldiers were eating, the agency said.

ISIS-linked news agency al-Amaq said the terror group had claimed responsibility for the attack. 

Two American soldiers have reportedly died while another two have been injured after an ISIS suicide bomber blew up outside a restaurant in Manbij, Syria 

Video from the scene showed a coalition helicopter landing to take the injured away. 

The attack and reports of American casualties has not been confirmed by US forces in Syria.

The blast comes as the U.S. has begun the process of withdrawing from Syria.   

More to follow… 

A coalition helicopter was spotted flying to the scene of the blast to airlift victims to hospital

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