Two people are shot in north Dublin

Two people are shot in north Dublin and rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries five days after teen is dismembered as part of gang war

  • Two people suffer life-threatening injuries after shooting in north Dublin
  • Police said they were responding to a suspected shooting near the airport 
  • Comes after Keane Mulready-Woods, 17, was killed as part of a gang war 
  • Murder is thought to involve north Dublin gangs, leading to fears of reprisals 

Two people have been shot north Dublin amid spiralling gang violence in the city.

The victims were taken to hospital in serious condition with life threatening injuries after shots were fired just after midday.

It comes after 17-year-old Keane Mulready-Woods was killed part of an ongoing gang war in nearby Drogheda which is now thought to involve north Dublin gangs.

Two people have been shot and left with life-threatening injuries in north Dublin, near the city’s airport (top left), amid spiralling gang violence in the city

Mr Mulready-Woods is believed to have been murdered as part of a feud between two drugs gangs in Drogheda on Sunday night, before he was beheaded, dismembered and his body parts dropped at two locations in Dublin

There were conflicting reports about the location of the shooting.

A garda spokesman said that police were responding to a suspected shooting in Killeek Lane, in the Kilbrook area north of the city’s airport.

But some local reports suggested that an area near St Margaret’s Road, in Ballymun which is south of the airport, had been cordoned off. 

Both areas are close to Coolock, the site of a recent gang feud and where the severed limbs of Mulready-Woods were discovered on Monday.

The killing has prompted both sides to vow vengeance, with videos of balaclava-clad men brandishing weapons posted online

The ongoing Coolock feud saw at least five people murdered across Dublin, all of them shot, throughout 2019.

Meanwhile another feud in Drogheda, 30 miles north of Dublin, claimed two lives in 2019 as first Keith Branigan and then Richie Carberry were shot dead.

Then Mulready-Woods went missing from the town on Sunday night, before a sports bag containing his partial remains turned up in Coolock the following day.

On Wednesday police discovered a burning car in the Drumcondra area containing more remains, including a severed head, believed to belong to the teen.

Officers believe Mulready-Woods was taken to a house in Drogheda – which has been under forensic examination for several days – where he was killed and dismembered before his body parts were dumped. 

The main suspect is thought to be a notorious 35-year-old north Dublin hitman who has links to gangs involved in the Coolock feud.

If true, then the murder of Mulready-Woods could combine two separate feuds into a much larger gang war.

MailOnline has seen two videos – both showing balaclava-clad men wielding weapons who claim to be involved in the feud, threatening reprisal attacks.

Police have so-far failed to make any arrests over the death of Mulready-Woods, which had led to fears of further violence.

Gardai scour the fields around Drogheda as they continue their investigation into the brutal murder of the teenager

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