TSA unveils strangest items they’ve confiscated

A guitar shaped like a semi-automatic rifle. A pocket-sized pitchfork. A faux grenade with perfume inside.

The Transportation Security Administration unveiled a trove of the weirdest items yanked from travelers’ carry-on bags Monday — in honor of one of their own who helped alert the public to the wild discoveries made at our nation’s airports.

The spread of confiscated goodies displayed at Dulles International Airport in Virginia included a glittery clutch-style purse with a brass knuckles clasp, a rusted circular saw blade and a glove with razors for fingers.

The agency showcased the items in honor of Curtis “Bob” Burns, the TSA’s former social media director who recently died at age 48. Burns earned a following for posting images of bizarre items along with captions packed with his specific style of dad humor.

He helped the TSA rake in more than a million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and earn three Webby awards. The TSA’s social media presence now serves as a model for other federal agencies.

“How are we going to replace Bob? The reality is we can’t,” said the TSA’s new social media director, David Johnston. “We had a unique situation with him, but we can still be entertaining and help people as we find our way forward without him.”

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