Trump unveils plan to test one in 50 Americans for coronavirus

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump unveils plan to test one in 50 Americans for coronavirus by end of June claiming testing ‘is not going to be a problem at all’

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President Trump announced Monday that the federal government will assist the states in conducting enough coronavirus testing to have businesses open their doors again, but the federal government would only supply tests as a ‘last resort.’ 

‘We are continuing to rapidly expand our capacity and I’m confident that we have enough testing to begin reopening and the reopening process,’ Trump said at Monday’s press briefing. ‘The testing is not going to be a problem at all, in fact it’s going to be one of the great assets we have.’ 

Bloomberg and Fox News Channel reported details about the plan prior to the president’s Rose Garden appearance including that the federal government would aim to give states enough tests to screen at least 2 per cent of their residents, ramping up testing in May through June. 

President Trump said that testing ‘is not going to be a problem at all’ as he said the U.S. had enough coronavirus testing capacity to start reopening businesses 

A Los Angeles sheriff takes a COVID-19 test on Monday using a swab. The president has pledged to get states more swabs for coronavirus testing 

Those tests would target elderly and minority populations who see higher death rates from the virus, Bloomberg said. 

So far more than 5 million COVID-19 tests have been administered in the United States. 

Trump – who’s long wanted testing to be the purview of the governors – said they were given help by the White House last week by simply being pointed to the labs in their states. 

‘Very few understood taht we have tremendous capacity,’ Trump said. ‘Then one week ago we provided each goveronor with a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of the labs they could find additional test capacity in their state.’ 

The president said this move made testing ‘absolutely skyrocket’ in recent days, with 200,000 COVID-19 tests concluded on Saturday. ‘That will be doubling very soon,’ the president said. 

 ‘Our blueprint describes how states should unlock their full capacity,’ Trump said. ‘So we’re deploying the full power and strength of the federal government to help states, cities, to help local government to get this horrible plague over with and over with fast,’ the president added. 

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