Travellers trade blows in bare knuckle brawl to sort out differences

Travellers trade blows in bare knuckle brawl to sort out their differences after the two men clashed on social media

  • There is bitter feud between Joyce and McDonagh families dating back to 1992 
  • Disagreement has sustained due to, most recently, trash talk on social media 
  • Video shows one of the fighters turning to camera and lining up next opponent 

This is the moment two burly travellers come to blows over a long-running family feud. 

The video reportedly shows Irish travellers Billy Joyce and Brian McDonagh trading punches on a concrete path in February.

There is a bitter feud between the Joyce and McDonagh families dating back to 1992.

It has sustained due to, most recently, trash talk on social media. In the video one of the fighters turns to the camera and lines up his next opponent who appears to have been making rude comments about his ‘family’.   

The two men locked horns, trading some viscous blows and also failing to land many

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    Cyclist scuffles with London station worker before staff…

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A referee is present during the match-up, tearing a part any tangles and allowing the men to get up off the wet ground.  

After a short slog, both men look tired and both men hit the deck before a handshake signals the end of the bout. 

The Joyce’s are a large family of Irish travellers based around Moate, Athlone (Westmeath), and Navan (Meath) in Ireland. 

The original video’s caption states that the fight is between Billy Joyce and Brian McDonagh

After a hard slog, the two men shook hands to signal the end of the bout and possibly the fued

In England they are mainly based around Oxford and London and their most notable feuds are with the Nevin and Quinn McDonagh Clans.

The feud with the Quinn McDonagh’s erupted in 1992 when Brian Joyce was killed outside a pub in Peckham, London. 

‘Curly Paddy’ McDonagh was charged with his manslaughter. In 1996 another incident occurred when Tim ‘Handshaker’ Joyce was killed in Finglas, Dublin and David ‘Minor Charge’ McDonagh was charged with the killing according to traveller ‘fandom’ site.  

One of the fighters faced the camera at the end of the bout to call out another opponent 

This video shows the latest in a string of bouts between the two families, but ended amicably with a customary handshake.   

Footage emerged in January showing a clash between Joyce and Nevin clans, fighting each other in a bare-knuckle boxing match in an abandoned car park.

The fight was filmed in a ‘secret location’ in Hemel Hempstead and saw the pair slog it out to settle an argument which started in a pub more than a year ago.

They were named as Joe Joyce – nicknamed ‘Hulk’ – and Patrick Nevin, known as ‘Bigfoot’.

The pair ended up with blood streaming from their faces and refused to stop fighting, despite multiple requests from the ‘referees’.

After 40 brutal minutes Nevin tapped out, leaving Joyce to win by a technical knockout and collect  £60,000 prize money.



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