Tommy Robinson 'discussed plans to tour America' at lavish Lords lunch – and he could make millions

Robinson was spotted dining in Parliament on Tuesday with Ukip bigwig Lord Pearson, Ukip leader Gerard Paten and Canadian shock-jock Ezra Levant.

The former EDL leader, 35, was celebrating after his contempt of court charges were sent to the Attorney General.

Candice Malcolm, a Canadian right wing commentator who travelled to the UK to cover Robinson's recent court appearance, revealed she joined the three men half-way through the lavish lunch and there were discussions to "continue the momentum".

She said: "I arrived late but it was lunch among friends. It was just people talking about trying to figure out what the next steps are.

"Tommy was relieved [about the case being sent to the attorney general]. That's what he wanted but he's still got something hanging over his head.

"There was thinking about plans to continue the momentum and following he has.

"We chatted informally, we talked about Canada and talked about the work Ezra does [for Rebel Media].

"If he came to Canada he would get a big reception. There's certainly a political movement that seems to be unfolding."

Australian activist Avi Yemini was also in the UK covering the court case and said he was already planning to bring Robinson to his home country.

He said: "Tommy is coming to Australia, I am going to bring him over…we want him to be a worldwide leading figurehead. He’s going to be a hero to millions about the world.

“We all want to take him abroad. He will come to Australia if he is able to.

"I'm hoping he will come to Australia before the end of the year, he's wanted in other countries, everyone wants Tommy. The most successful far-right conservative march in Australia was the Free Tommy one.”

News of the potential tours come as Robinson was invited to speak in Washington DC in just three weeks.

He has been invited by the Middle East Forum, a controversial think-tank based in Philadelphia, to speak at a closed-door event in the USA.

The event has been organised with the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a California-based “school for political warfare” set up to defend conservative values from “attack by leftist and Islamist enemies.”

The Middle East forum has already given Robinson “five-figure” financial support for his legal defence, as well as organising London rallies and political lobbying.

In the invitation it says “Is Mr Robinson’s plight America’s future?”

However it does explain that Robinson will be able to speak only “assuming all the legal issues are sorted out.”

He has a string of criminal convictions and was jailed for 13 months for contempt in May for allegedly breaching reporting restrictions around a grooming gang – although this was later overturned by the court.

It is not known if the convictions will hamper his chances of getting a visa to the USA.

The ex-EDL leader was released on appeal in August, and his case was referred to the attorney general on Tuesday.

One ex-assistant to Robinson, who had access to his Stripe online payment processing account, claimed it contained £2million after his jailing and appeal, thanks to the donations that flooded in.

Heidi Beirich, deputy director of the Southern Poverty Law Centre, which monitors hate groups across the US, said the level of support for Robinson is "extraordinary".

She said: "I've never seen anything like this. It's not typical to have those kind of political officials advocating on behalf of people who take part in street fights and anti-Muslim rallies. It's a shock."

US president Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon – who once called Robinson the “f***ing backbone” of Britain has also proposed including him in a new far-right populist group in Europe called The Movement.

In early 2017 Robinson was hired as a “correspondent” for Levant’s Rebel Media.

Robinson’s former assistant told the Sunday Times he was paid as much as £8,000 a month by the website.

But he left by the end of 2017 as he was raking in enough cash from individual donations to work independently.

With the money pouring in, Luton-born Robinson recently moved into a £950,000 house in a Bedfordshire village.

The detached, gated property has four bedrooms, a two- bedroom annexe and a double garage.

IN CONTEMPT: The trial that saw Tommy Robinson jailed

THE FORMER leader of far right group the English Defence League was jailed for 13 months after he risked derailing the trials.

Tommy Robinson went on Facebook and streamed an hour-long rant in which he named the defendants and all the charges they face.

His broadcast was in flagrant breach of the contempt of court ruling issued by the trial judge – and seriously risked prejudicing the trials.

The footage of the defendants as they entered Leeds Crown Court in May was viewed 250,000 times.

Trial judge Geoffrey Marson QC said the order in place was to ensure the integrity of the case.

Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – was arrested and later jailed but released in August on appeal.

His case was referred to the attorney general on Tuesday.

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