Thug kicked traffic warden, 21, on floor and tried to rip off his helmet to hurt him more in ‘ugly and extreme’ gang attack caught on camera

Danyal Bashir, 20, battered Charlie Weston, 21, as he waited for a woman to remove an illegally parked car.

The brute repeatedly punched and stamped on the warden's throat in the broad daylight attack – leaving Charlie fearing for his life.

He had been dragged off his by bike by up to six men and his moped was also stolen and later found dumped on a street nearby in Birmingham.

Shocking footage showed Bashir trying to rip Charlie's bike helmet off to hurt him more as the row over a woman who had parked illegally erupted.

Bashir was today sentenced to nine months at young offenders institute after he admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm at the city's crown court.

Sentencing, Judge Kristina Montgomery QC said: "What you did that day for nothing more than your own sense of personal gratification… was completely unacceptable.

"You had not a thought to the consequences of your actions as you rushed in to perform your own summary justice.

"Rather than taking a step back you decided to join others in acting some sort of revenge on what you thought was a slight."

Mohammad Hafeez, defending, told the court the clash was "sheer madness" and said Bashir, who has a previous conviction for assault, has apologised to Charlie.

Ex-security guard Charlie spent four hours in hospital after the savage attack but bravely returned to work the next day.

Speaking after the attack, he said he was "lucky to be alive" and has been left "living in fear".

Charlie added: "I feel lucky with how I got out of the situation, I do genuinely feel lucky to be alive – I didn't think I was going to get back up.

"I got hit by a car before, and that was life-threatening, but I feel like I was in more trouble here."


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