The L.A.-based shaman who has wooed Norway’s Princess Martha

Welcome to my country: Princess Martha of Norway greets her bisexual shaman and ‘twin flame’ lover at the airport as it’s revealed how he claims to have come back from the dead and has Hollywood eating out of his hand

  • Shaman Durek, whose real name is Derek Verrett, is a 44-year-old L.A. shaman 
  • He was born in Sacramento and grew up there before moving to New York in the 1990s
  • Verrett then returned to California and started working as a shaman to the stars
  • He counts Gwyneth Paltrow, Nina Dobrev and Rosario Dawson among his fans 
  • He claims he first knew he was a shaman when he was only two-years-old 
  • It was his mother, whose mother was a shaman, who revealed it to him, he says
  • Today, he sells books, meditations and public speaking services on his website
  • He and Princess Martha Louise of Norway are also holding an event in Europe  

The shaman who has stolen Norway’s Princess Martha’s heart touched down in Norway to be with her on Tuesday ahead of a five-city, joint speaking tour which they are selling tickets for online after announcing their romance to the world on Instagram. 

The eccentric princess announced on Monday that Shaman Durek, whose real name is Derek Verrett, was her ‘twin flame’ and new boyfriend.  It is unclear where they met or when but photographs of them together date back to November last year.

Sources tell they are ‘madly in love’ and that she was one of his clients. 

‘Falling in love with a client was the last thing on Shaman Durek’s mind. But their attraction for each other was inevitable. 

‘They both believe they have known each other for many lifetimes, and that in this lifetime they are suppose to help heal the world together with their tribe, their followers.  

‘Durek believes he was a King in a past life and that he and Princess Marta were husband and wife in multiple lifetimes,’ a friend told 

On Tuesday, Verrett arrived in Oslo with his two nieces. They were greeted by the princess who hugged them all then drove them away. 

He told reporters upon his arrival that he was there to ‘share love’. 

Starting this weekend, he and the princess will embark on a five-city tour of Denmark and Norway where they will take paying crowds ‘on a journey into the mysteries of life’ that will focus on ‘shamanic exercises and meditation.’ 

Tickets to the two events – which are called The Princess and the Shaman and the more intense, Activating Divinity, are being sold online for between $65 and $140 each.  

Welcome to Norway: Princess Martha Louise hugs her boyfriend, Shaman Durek, at Oslo Airport on Tuesday

Princess Martha embraces her boyfriend, the shaman, while his niece Alexandria Alava stands behind him

Martha drove them away from the airport after the reunion on Tuesday afternoon 

The couple announced their romance on Instagram on Monday in separate posts 

From Saturday, the pair will visit Stavanger, Tromso, Oslo, Copenhagen and then Fredrikstad.  

The announcement of their romance also comes just as he begins promotion for his new book, Spirit Hacking, which will be released this October. 

Princess Martha Louise, 47, divorced her husband, Ari Behn, in 2016 after 14 years of marriage. At the time they said they had simply grown apart but that they planned to share custody of their three children. 

She had not had any notable romances since then until meeting Verrett. 

After announcing their relationship on social media, she hit back at critics saying she did not choose it to ‘satisfy the norms.’ 

Verrett, 44, was born in Sacramento in November 1974. 

He claims he first became ‘aware’ of his shamanic abilities when he was five but that he didn’t start training until age 11 and that he is a ‘sixth generation healer’.  

His mother, who he says was who exposed him to the spirit built when he was a baby, was Norweigan-Indian and his father was African-Haitian. 

 Verrett is selling tickets to hear him and his new girlfriend speak at events in Norway and Denmark for between $65 and $140

He claims she predicted his romance with the divorcee royal.  

‘When I was a teenager my mother told me that one day someone from her heritage in Norway would find me and bring so much joy in my heart. 

‘I asked her “who mother”? 

“She said a princess”….she was right my kindred spirit found me,’ he said in a recent Instagram post. 

After spending ‘years’ training, Durek has cultivated a strong celebrity following and now counts Gwyneth Paltrow, Nina Dobrev and other stars among fans. 

He is regularly featured on Hollywood shows and on his website, he sells meditation tracks for around $10 each. 

He also has a collection of books on Amazon. 

In light of his recently announced romance, he is now selling $65 tickets to an event called The Princess and the Shaman where he and Martha will teach a workshop and answer questions. 

Verrett’s other niece, Natalia, was also with him for the trip. He said on social media that he was excited about bringing them to Norway to discover their ‘roots’. His mother has Norweigan heritage, he says  

Verrett claims to have first learned he had shamanic abilities when he was two-years-old

He says his mother (with whom he is pictured) drummed him into a trance when he was an infant and that is how he ‘met’ his ancestors 

Verrett teaches bootcamps and workshops around the world in addition to selling online programs

He has a devout following in California and in Europe in particular where people flock to see him

On social media, Durek says he is romantically interested in both men and women. 

He lists no qualifications or education other than attending ‘the school of loving everyone’, ‘the school of being humble’ and a high school in San Mateo, California. 

In 1993, he was arrested in Santa Clara County, California, though records were not immediately available to reveal what the alleged crime was.  

In articles and interviews over the years, he has described how his mother, who now goes by Veruschka Urquhart, introduced him to his late grandmother, who was also a shaman, by drumming him into a trance when he was a baby. 

He describes his mother as his ‘portal of light’ and said in one interview with an Icelandic magazine in 2015: ‘I was only two years old when I learnt what it meant to be a shaman… My mother told me that she realized while she was still pregnant with me that I was marked and that I’d always been a very special child…

Celebrities including Rosario Dawson and Kelly Rutherford are among his famous fans

He writes for Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop and considers her a friend along with Nina Dobrev

‘She played drums and taught me about the mysteries of plants. I fell into a trance and was then able to see my ancestors. 

‘I didn’t know them, didn’t know who these people were. I remember one of the women was dressed in white and had dark skin and she spoke to me very clearly, she called herself ‘mamal.’  

‘I later learned that she was my great-grandmother who had also been a shaman, visiting me from the spiritual realm.’ 

Verrett’s father, David B. Verrett, died in 2017. Online, he has made vague references to being beaten as a child and protected by his older sister, Angelina. 

Verrett also sells meditation tracks which range between $5 and $20 on his website

Among the services Durek lists on his website are a shaman bootcamp, workshops and speeches, home clearing and ‘shamanic experiences’. 

He has spoken in the past of being able to get patients to vomit to get rid of ‘poisons’ in their bodies and says he keeps a bucket in sessions in case they need to throw up. 

In an interview with E!, he once told of being able to recognize that a famous actress had come to a session after taking cocaine. 

Verrett said that cocaine was ‘also a medicine’ and that he helped her understand ‘why she needed the medicine’ – she was scared about her ‘blockbuster’ movie that was about to come out, he said.  

He claims to have once come back from the dead, recovering from a month-long coma, by letting his soul ‘burn’ and he has also spoken of having to undergo a kidney transplant from his sister as a child. 

It is unclear why he needed the kidney or how he became wheelchair bound, as he has described. 

The illness which sent him into a coma is also undisclosed. 

Writing on Instagram about her new love, the princess penned: ‘Durek has changed my life, like he does with so many’ Pictured, the couple together. It is unclear how or when they met 

‘When I woke up from a month long coma, I was told that I would never walk again and that I didn’t have much more than a month to live. Seven different specialists told me there was no hope.

‘But I received visits from powerful beings who delivered me messages about how I had to set my mind in order to survive this,’ he said.  

His event with Princess Martha, which will take place in Norway and Denmark later this month. 

They plan to ‘talk about life, how to raise awareness, and lead you back to what’s true in you’ and tickets cost between $65 and $140. 

Princess Martha Louise tied the knot with author Ari Behn in a lavish ceremony in 2002. They separated in 2016 and said at the time they had simply grown apart 

In duel Instagram posts, the pair proudly announced their romance. 

Martha, whose divorce from Ari Behn was finalized three years ago, said: ‘When you meet your twin flame, you know. I have been lucky enough to have met mine. [He] has changed my life, like he does with so many.’ 

Durek gushed: ‘To be loved or not to be loved for I’d rather be loved unconditionally then not to be loved at all. This is what I feel from Martha Louise, pure acceptance of my multidimensional self. 

‘Not just the Shaman, however the woman in me, the strong man in me, the little boy, ET, the jaguar, the scientist and the angel and more.’ 

Princess Martha Louise’s eccentricity is well documented. 

In 2017, she was forced to close a school she had opened where children could learn to connect ‘to the angelic realm’ because it was not making any money.     

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