Teen boy ‘BODYSLAMMED’ by Trump fan and girl ‘kicked’ after ‘trying to steal MAGA sign from GOP candidate’

A TEENAGE boy was caught on camera being bodyslammed by a Trump fan and a girl was kicked after trying to steal a MAGA sign from a pro-Trump GOP candidate.

Craig Keller is the Republican candidate in Washington and is going against Democrat Pramila Jayapal.

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The incident took place at roughly 5.45pm on Wednesday in Seattle, Kiro7 reported.

Mortikye “Mo” Aylward, 14, told the outlet that he and his friends were passing a Donald Trump rally when they got into a heated argument with supporters.

Footage shows a teenager girl trying to steal a sign that Keller is holding.

Keller is then seen kicking and pushing the girl. Aylward and his friend, Dean Aocina, 14, then took the sign from Keller.

"I acted on impulse," Aylward said. "Just kind of clicked in my mind, hey, stand up for what you believe in."

The footage then shows the young boys running off before Keller chases after them.

"As soon as I started running, he grabbed my ankle. He pulled me to the ground, he pulled down my pants, like a good way down, and I just kept grabbing, so I kicked him, I tried kicking him off," Aylward told the outlet.

As another child stomps on the sign, Keller pushes the kid before saying "it's not your property."

However, Keller told the outlet in a phone interview that he felt the teenagers were violating his First Amendment rights by trying to take the sign.

"Those children were ripping away our signs and trying to steal them," he said. "We just tried to pursue them and get our sign back."

He added that the "children of the corn," as he called them, are "really being corrupted in schools."

Another man wearing a blue shirt and a MAGA hat is also seen in the footage picking up Aocina before throwing him to the ground.

"I didn’t even see him until he had wrapped his arms around me," Aocina told the outlet.

Someone in the background can be heard shouting "dude what the hell! Beating up a f**king kid?"

However, the unidentified man then replied saying the child was "attacking," but Aocina told the outlet "he blindsided me."

Keller told the outlet that he did not know who the man in the blue shirt was, but believes "that other fellow was trying to keep the other kids from surrounding me."

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