Teacher, 32, said 'mom, I wish I got vaccinated' before dying of Covid two days after giving birth

A TEACHER'S final message to her family was “Mom, I wish I got vaccinated” before she died from Covid complications two days after giving birth.

Paige Ruiz, 32, had plans to get the vaccine after the baby was born, but tested positive for the virus when she was nine months pregnant.

'Wasn't enough information or data'

“She thought that there wasn't enough information or data out there to say that she could confidently get vaccinated without harming the baby,” her mother, Robin Zinsou told CNN.

"And I would ask her, 'Have you talked to the doctor? I would like you to get vaccinated.' She would say, 'No, I'm going to wait until after I have the baby.'

"She was worried it would harm the baby."

Ruiz, who was hospitalized for severe Covid symptoms, had to undergo an emergency C-section to save her and her newborn, Celeste.

Ruiz and her husband, Daniel have another daughter named Joanna.

"As soon as Celeste was delivered they whisked her away, and when my daughter came-to they said that they had to keep each other separated because of the COVID," Zinsou told the outlet.

She added: "Celeste was discharged from the hospital a couple days later and we figured out a way to do video chat so that Paige could see the baby."

Shortly after the baby was born, Ruiz's health started to deteriorate.

"It wasn't until after she had the baby that she started to get worse," Zinsou said. "It was my worst fear."

'Mask up. Get Vaccinated'

Ruiz died from the virus on August 15 and Zinsou reported her daughter's final text message: "Mom, I wish I got vaccinated."

"I didn't find out until after she passed that she was texting that same message to her sister and to her friends. And she wanted people to get vaccinated."

Zinsou advises others to: "Mask up. Get vaccinated, so this doesn't happen to your family."

Ruiz's two daughters are reportedly in good shape, feeling "healthy and doing well."

Ruiz was a coordinator of Student Learning Outcomes and Federal Programs at Joshua Independent School District in Texas.

The school district sent out a statement that read: "'Her dedication and passion to educating students will always be remembered, along with her kindness to others. "

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