Student used a microscope to discover the disgusting bugs and mites that live on the surface of our food

A STUDENT used a microscope to find dozens of disgusting bugs and mites that live on the surface of our food.

Martin Kaae Kristiansen, 28, from Denmark's Aalborg University, believes celery and leeks contain the most bugs.

Using a powerful microscope, he decided to discover what creepy crawlies could be lurking in our meals.

He bought a range of fresh goods including carrots and potatoes, and found none of them were safe from the termites.

The creepy crawlies include mites, aphids, roundworms, midges and larvae.

Martin said: "Using the microscope I could magnify things more than 1,000 times.

"The celery and leeks were by far the best place to find the bugs.


"In the samples I took, I found mainly dead insects, mites and aphids. Some of the dead insects were even covered in mould.

"Of the living bugs I found, there was a selection of mites, midge larvae, roundworms, tardigrades, an unidentified larva and of course a lot of bacteria.

"I made sure to find at least two of every organism present so I could say with some confidence that it wasn’t just a one-time coincidence."

For those of you put off from eating vegetables ever again out of fear of what insects you may be chomping on, Martin did offer up some preparation techniques.

He said: "Washing the vegetables helps a lot.

"If you cook the vegetables, the living insects should die, and if not, your stomach acid will most likely kill them.

"But in the end it's all just extra protein.”

This comes after a horrifying photo showed bees living inside a woman's eye socket and feasting on her tears and sweat.

Pictures show the four 0.12-inch-long "sweat bees" as she arrived at Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan’s southern county of Pingtu.

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