Social media users show pictures of monuments 'attacking' THEM

And now the statues fight back! Social media users post pictures of monuments ‘attacking’ THEM in opposition to campaign to tear down Britain’s ‘racist’ landmarks

  •  Former British soldier Ian Inglis posted series of images which have gone viral
  •  His Facebook post has been shared more than 20,000 times in the last 48 hours 
  •  Social media campaign shows statues ‘fighting back’ against humans 
  •  Pictures emerged just a day after pro-statue protesters gathered in London 

A series of tongue-in-cheek pictures showing statues fighting back against people has gone viral among social media users who oppose the vandalism of landmarks  deemed ‘racist’.

Former British soldier and museum curator Ian Inglis of Dalkeith, Scotland, saw his Facebook post of images that have appeared online receive more than 20,000 shares in 48 hours.

The pictures emerged just a day after hundreds of far-right and pro-statue protesters gathered in London in anticipation of a Black Lives Matter demonstration, claiming they wanted to protect statues that have been targeted by vandals for being ‘racist’.

Fighting back: A series of tongue-in-cheek images showing statues fighting back against humans has gone viral, including this one of a young boy being ‘hit’ by a baseball player

This young boy acts terrified as he is lifted clear off the ground by this imposing statue

This man braves himself for a right-hook from an otherwise angellic-looking cherub

On Friday, statues in Parliament Square – including those of Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi – were boarded up to prevent them being targeted by protesters both from the Black Lives Matter movement and far-right groups. 

In response, the social media campaign shows the statue community ‘fighting back’ with the effigies getting revenge on humans.

One image shows a photograph of a young boy being battered by the bat of a statue of a baseball player, while another shows a mythological figure battering a man with a war hammer.

A man lies down as three statue railway workers look like they are about to pummel him

This office worker appears to have been hit from behind by a statue of a baseball player

A mythological figure looks set to bring down his war hammer on this terrified joker

Others include someone dressed as Spiderman being throttled by a statue and another of a woman in a business suit being sent flying with her papers in the air by a baseball batsman.

Statues from the animal world also get in on the act with effigies of a horse, an octopus and even a giant spider taking revenge on human beings and seemingly launching attacks.  

This young lady appears to have been slapped across the face by a statue collecting fruit

This sports fan cowers in fear as a giant bronze statue of a baseball player gets ready to swing

This unfortunate man is being given a drop goal treatment by a rugby playing statue

Facebook poster Iain Devine, said: ‘Brilliant! It is just such a pity statues really cannot fight back against the cowardly, ignorant vandals who have no respect for our heritage’.

Ciara Walton said: ‘Made my day and made me laugh much more than it should have!’.

Spiderman looks as if he has met his match at the hands of this statue

 This young man looks as though he is being taken to task and dragged off by a statue

This statue of a horse rearing up appears to be attacking a man who reels back from the blow

Barrie Wood said on Facebook: ‘While some have lost their common sense (or maybe a bit short of it in the first place) it’s nice to see others have retained their sense of humour’.

Richard Smith said: ‘I am sure there are a lot of statues that would like to be alive at the moment and I think Winston Churchill with a few brandies inside him would be one of them!’

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