Shark chased rescue boat after biting teen’s back ‘open’ in vicious attack

A shark pursued a rescue boat after biting into a teenage boy’s back, shoulder, torso, face and ear in a vicious attack, according to reports.

Keane Webre-Hayes’s entire back was reportedly ripped open in Saturday’s incident at Beacon Beach near San Diego, California.

And it has now emerged a follow-up attack was not far away.

One of the rescuers, Chad Hammel, said that as he paddled the 13-year-old back to safety in a kayak, they were being followed by the shark, The Times reports.

Keane’s mum Ellie Hayes said it was a ‘miracle he survived’.

She told reporters: "We got very, very lucky, and we know it, and we are very thankful.

""I think it is a miracle and I think Keane is a miracle.

"And I think he is very, very very strong – and he’s a survivor now."

The mum added that despite the attack, Keane is looking forward to getting back into the water to catch a lobster dinner, Sky News reports.

Keane had been lobster diving when the shark – believed to be about 3m long – struck.

San Diego Sheriff’s Office say that he was airlifted by helicopter to Rady Children’s Hospital with serious injuries to his ear and shoulder.

Mr Hammel who helped bring the teenager to safety said around 30 people were in the water at the time of the attack.

He said: “I paddled to him and there was a big wake of blood behind him.

"His entire back was open.

"The shark hit him in the clavicle. The shark’s top teeth got him in his cheek."

Doctors say Keane is doing well but remains in a serious condition, according to reports.

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