‘Self-isolating’ woman ‘caught shopping’ as she runs off covering her face on ITV News coronavirus broadcast – The Sun

A SHOPPER was filmed rushing off covering her face during an ITV News coronavirus broadcast – sparking rumours she should've been self-isolating.

The startled woman wearing a pink coat and headphones was spotted in the background outside the London supermarket during the 6pm bulletin yesterday.

She noticed the camera, stopped, stared at it, and jigged about on the spot unable to decide what to do.

She walked off in one direction and then the other, before covering her eyes and striding swiftly past the reporter.

Sky Sports commentator Gary Taphouse shared the bizarre clip on Twitter and wrote: "I'm self-isolating at home, see you in two weeks".

It's not known exactly why the panicked woman didn't want to be filmed, but social media users joked she may have been sneakily off work.

One of his followers said "why doesn't she just walk the other way?" and Gary replies "I know, it's just blind panic".

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