Rudy Giuliani Calls On DOJ To Investigate Sources Behind ‘BuzzFeed’ Report

President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, argued in a Twitter message posted Saturday that the Department of Justice (DOJ) should investigate the sources behind the viral BuzzFeed News story, the Washington Examiner reports.

“Now the DOJ must reveal the leakers of this false BuzzFeed story which the press and Democrats gleefully embraced,” the former mayor of New York tweeted, and then proceeded to take a dig at the Democratic Party, suggesting that the Democrats should wait until the Mueller report is filled to launch investigations.

As previously detailed by the Inquisitr, on January 17, BuzzFeed News published an exclusive report based on information from anonymous sources allegedly close to Mueller’s investigation that President Donald Trump had directed his former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress.

The story instantly went viral, and calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump ensued. But less than 24 hours later, Robert Mueller’s secretive team broke its trademark code of silence. Peter Carr, a spokesperson for special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, reached out to the publication, disputing the report.

BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith then proceeded to publicly urge Mueller’s office to “make clear” what the special counsel is disputing, which prompted the New York Times and the Washington Post to try and verify the report independently. Both publications failed to do so, and the Washington Post wrote that Mueller’s denial is aimed at the entire story.

The fiasco appears to have prompted many figures on the American right to gloat and boast, ridiculing BuzzFeed News and the rest of the media.

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, much like the president, couldn’t resist ridiculing Trump’s opponents, but also praised Robert Mueller’s team for correcting BuzzFeed‘s report.

“I commend Bob Mueller’s office for correcting the BuzzFeed false story that Pres. Trump encouraged Cohen to lie,” Giuliani wrote, before asking the press to “heed” its “hysterical desire” to destroy his most prominent client. “They pursued this without critical analysis all day,” Giuliani concluded.

But not everyone shares Giuliani’s optimism. Some, in fact, claim that the BuzzFeed News report, accurate or not, may have triggered Donald Trump to commit an impeachable offense.

As Raw Story reported earlier today, investigative journalist Kurt Eichenwald took to Twitter to share an interesting theory about the legal peril President Donald Trump appears to have found himself in. According to the journalist, the publication’s explosive story “baited” Donald Trump forcing him to commit a crime.

The crime, Eichenwald claims, is obstruction of justice, and the president committed it via Twitter, by seemingly intimidating Michael Cohen’s father-in-law and therefore putting pressure on a key witness in Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference and possible coordination between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

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