Revealed: Party girl, 28, seen hand-in-hand with John Leslie

EXCLUSIVE: Revealed: Party girl who posed with Mark Wright and football boss Antonio Conte seen hand-in-hand with John Leslie weeks after he was cleared of sex assault

  • John Leslie was seen out with Kate Moore, 28, hand in hand over the weekend
  • Brunette Miss Moore lives near Wimbledon and leads a glamourous life online
  • Pictures include her with Mark Wright and Antonio Costa at an awards party 
  • Walk with Leslie came weeks after he was found not guilty of sexual assault
  • The television star, 55, had wept in court after being cleared by a jury in October

A party girl who posed up with Towie star Mark Wright and football manager Antonio Costa is the mystery woman seen hand-in-hand with former Blue Peter presenter John Leslie weeks after he was cleared of a sex assault. 

Kate Moore, 28, looked happy and relaxed as did the television star, 55, after they walked through Wimbledon over the weekend.

MailOnline can reveal five days earlier she posted a picture which included Leslie’s arm complete with the distinctive watch he wore to court.

Like most social media users there were plenty of pictures of food and drink and nights out with friends.

But there are also some pictures with some famous names from that 2017’s London Football Awards.

They included Inter Milan coach Antonio Costa as well is former TOWIE star Mark Wright.

Kate Moore, 28, is the glamorous woman seen holding hands with Leslie over the weekend

The travel fan , who is also interested in sport, posted a number of pictures online of herself

Kate posed up with Towie’s Mark Wright and another friend, not pictured, at an awards do

Inter Milan manager Antonio Costa was also snapped with Kate at the glittering ceremony

John Leslie pictured with Miss Moore in Wimbledon village yesterday holding hands

Ten weeks ago she was in Berlin and posted a series of images and videos of her enjoying the trip.

Another glitzy image shows her relaxing in a bubble bath clutching a glass of champagne.

Pictures from the weekend showed the pair with their fingers entwined, both dressed in similar warm coats.

Leslie even showed his pride over his Scottish roots with the same tartan themed coronavirus protecting face mask he had worn to court.

It looked like a new start for the embattled presenter – who had thanked supporters after his legal victory last month. 

Leslie has been working as a property developer and a part-time DJ for the past decade.

One picture showed her quaffing champagne in a luxurious bubble-filled bath

This posting five days ago shows Leslie in the background, with his distinctive watch

The pair both looked relaxed as they strolled through the famous area over the weekend

The Southwark Crown Court case saw him accused of grabbing a woman’s breasts at the Soho Revue Bar, in Greek Street in London’s West End but said the incident never happened.

The woman said she came forward after being ‘inspired’ by the MeToo movement, but Leslie was cleared of sexual assault by a jury of nine men and three women after just 23 minutes deliberation.

He had been defended by former Blue Peter colleagues including Anthea Turner and Diane-Louise Jordan. Turner today posted a photo of her and Jordan with Leslie after they gave testimony at his trial, with a caption reading ‘not guilty!’

It is the second time he has successfully contested sexual assault charges at the same court building. However, the case will do little to rehabilitate his battered reputation, with his own lawyer branding him an ’embarrassment’.

Leslie’s career first took a downward spiral when he was falsely accused of raping Ulrika Jonsson by the TV presenter Matthew Wright. Wright later apologised, saying he had given his name in error.

Several other women have made claims of sexual misconduct against Leslie, and he was arrested in December 2002 on one count of rape and two concerning indecent assault.

John Leslie was found not guilty of sexual assault at Southwark Crown Court in October

His friend Anthea Turner, who supported him in court, proudly put out a post celebrating

Leslie took thanked his followers and tell them he was putting his family back together

Timeline: Damning claims that torpedoed Leslie’s career  

2002 – Journalist Matthew Wright falsely accuses Leslie of raping Ulrika Jonsson;

2002 (December) – He is arrested on one count of rape and two concerning indecent assault, before being released on bail after an interview;

June 2003 – Charged with assaulting a woman twice between May 25 and 28 1997. These charges were dropped on July 31. 

2004 – Photographs emerge of him taking cocaine, and a stolen sex tape of a threesome involving Leslie and his then girlfriend Abi Titmuss, a nurse who went on to become a glamour model, was leaked on the internet. 

In June 2003, he was charged with assaulting a woman twice between May 25 and 28, 1997. The charges were dropped at Southwark Crown Court on July 31, 2003 after new information emerged about the alleged victim.

But he remained the subject of scandal, with photographs emerging of him taking cocaine, along with a video of a threesome involving Leslie and his then girlfriend Abi Titmuss, a nurse who went on to become a glamour model.

Judge Deborah Taylor, using Leslie’s legal name, said today: ‘Mr Stott, you for the second time leave this court without a stain on your character and I hope it will be the last time you have to attend.’

After today’s not guilty verdict, an emotional Leslie banged his forehead on the glass of the dock before putting his hand over his face and weeping.

His father, Les, stood up, punched the air and fell down crying with his head in his hands. When his son looked to the public gallery through tears of his own, Les shook both fists at him in triumph.

The court had previously heard a woman claimed, out of nowhere, that the ‘over-excited’ presenter who ‘didn’t get out much’ grabbed her breasts and gave a ‘hearty laugh’ when she introduced himself to him.

Witnesses in the West End bar testified they were told about the alleged incident 12 years ago, but did not see it. 

Leslie with Blue Peter co-hosts Caron Keating and Yvette Fielding in the Blue Peter Garden at Television Centre in 1989

Leslie showing off a Thunderbirds puppet on Blue Peter, where he was a popular presenter

Televison presenter John Leslie pictured with Yvette Fielding and Holly Johnson

The Scot had told the jury he could not remember being at the party, and described the single allegation of sexual assault from December 5, 2008 as ‘crazy’ and ‘ludicrous’.

Giving evidence, he said: ‘I would not have touched her like some mannequin and walked off.’

He told the jury he had previously been made out to be an ‘aggressive, sexual monster’ by the tabloid press, as he denied ever assaulting any woman, saying it is ‘not in my nature’.

 Leslie said his life changed completely in 2002 when he was wrongly identified on live television as the unnamed alleged rapist in his former girlfriend Ulrika Jonsson’s autobiography. 

Presenter Matthew Wright later apologised, saying he named him in error, the court was told.

Ms Jonsson has never made any complaint to police, the jury heard.

Leslie, from Edinburgh, said there had never been any sexual assault allegations against him before his name was wrongly linked to the book, and described the fallout as ‘Armageddon’.

Famous faces Fern Britton, Anthea Turner, Yvette Fielding and Diane-Louise Jordan, from his time presenting This Morning and Blue Peter, all gave character statements to support their friend, calling him a ‘gentleman’.

In her summing up Judge Deborah Taylor had warned the jury not to ‘speculate’ about previous allegations against Leslie.

The judge said: ‘You’ve heard about a case in 2003 which was discontinued.

‘An allegation about Ulrika Jonsson and a police investigation into a further allegation which was discontinued in 2008.

‘It’s important you don’t speculate about past history, make any assumptions or come to any conclusions about it, you must concentrate on this charge.

‘It’s for you to consider the evidence for a whole to decide whether she’s been consistent and whether her evidence is true.’

The judge said they should not assume the woman is lying just because it took years to come forward with the allegation. ‘You mustn’t believe that because the complaint was delayed it is untrue.

‘This was suggested to her in evidence. She didn’t believe she would be taken seriously by the police at the time. It was only when the MeToo movement started she felt she could report it and be taken seriously.’

The judge mentioned the supportive testimony Leslie received from high-profile friends including Anthea Turner and Fern Britton.

She said after Matthew Wright mistakenly named him on air as the man accused of raping Ulrika Jonsson, the Scot claimed he ‘became paranoid and would not go near women’.

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