‘Rape victim’ asks passersby for help and the response she gets is shocking

This footage shows the shocking responses given to a ‘rape victim’ asking for help from passersby on the street.

The visibly distressed woman is asked questions from both men and women ranging from ‘are you drunk?’ to ‘are you on drugs?’.

Other women warn her ‘not say these things out loud’, while other strangers label her as ‘just some whore someone f****d and left on the streets’.

Her clothes are also brought up with one man telling others to look at her white top and skirt before stating that his ‘sister would never wear such clothes’.

The woman in Lebanon isn’t actually a victim, but rather an actress in a stunt staged by the non-profit organisation Abaad, as part of their ‘Shame On Who?’ campaign.

The group are attempting to de-stigmatise sexual assault by putting the blame on the perpetrator instead of the victim.

Since posting the clip on their Facebook page, the footage has been received more than 2.2million views and 27,000 reactions.

Jihane Abou Khater said: "Good job for this campaign!

"Thank you for doing something for all of us women."

Yara Younis commented: "This is just sad! I am furious watching this!"

Cybelle Nassif added: "Shame. And they call themselves civilised."

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