Radical, man! Surfers pull off impressive swap trick in a pool

Radical, man! Surfers pull off impressive swap trick in a pool

  • Impressive video was filmed in coastal town of Saint Tropez in the French Riviera
  • The footage begins with a surfer leaping onto a board and drifting across a pool
  • Taken on July 31, in the footage another surfer suddenly pops up from the water

Two surfers pulled off a surprising routine – and invented a new way to drink a beer at the same time.

The pair proved that practice makes perfect as their seamless stunt goes according to plan in the fantastic video.

The amusing clip was taken on July 31 this year.

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Filmed in Saint Tropez, a surfer’s paradise, the footage begins with one man jumping on a surfboard and drifting across the length of an outdoor pool.

He seems calm and collected as he holds his pose.

As he reaches the halfway mark he suddenly flips on the board and disappears underwater.

His friend appears from underneath as they swap position on top of the board.

He steps casually off the board and falls into a reclining chair before cracking open a beer and smiling.

The surfer takes to the water as the begins his trick in Saint Tropez in France

One of the surfers (pictured left) crouches before flipping his friend up onto the top of the board (pictured right)

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