Queen’s nephew the Earl of Snowdon could lose half of his £40million fortune in royal divorce – The Sun

THE Queen’s nephew, the Earl of Snowdon, is facing a £40million divorce carve-up with his wife, Serena.

The couple, separating after 26 years, are set to split their fortune down the middle.

They are said to be divorcing amicably but the Earl, the son of Princess Margaret and photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones, once said his motivation in life was money.

The Earl, formerly Viscount Linley, has five companies linked to his furniture-making business while the couple have three homes.

A source said: “If it’s amicable it seems likely assets will be split.

“If it’s as much as £40million, each will get half.”
This is the second royal split in a week and comes after the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips is to separate from his wife Autumn Kelly.

Friends blame the amount of time the Earl, 58, spends away on business but insist no one else is involved.

He is the director of five companies, although two are dormant. One has £6,201,294 of assets and another £5,653,025.

The Earl inherited half his mother’s £20million fortune.

The couple have a £3.75million Kensington flat, a cottage in Gloucestershire and a £3million chateau in Provence.

Countess Serena, 49, is the daughter of a landowning earl who is reported to be worth £250million.

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