Punters slam prices at Glastonbury festival bar

Festival-goers slam prices at Glastonbury bar which is charging more than £6 for a pint of beer, £7.50 for a glass of wine and £3 for soft drinks

  •  Twitter users are shocked at the soaring prices of drinks at the famous festival

Festival-goers are gearing up to take on the most famous UK music event- Glastonbury. But as the festival returns, so do the shocking prices.

The price list for alcohol at Glastonbury has been confirmed, and may set you back a few quid. 

The Twitter account for Glastonbury @TheGlastoThingy shared information about their prices ahead of the five-day festival. 

Many revellers have slammed the prices for being too expensive and are shocked at the £6.00 starting prices for a pint.  

A Glastonbury bar price list has been revealed with spirits costing up to £13 and the cheapest beer £6.50

Thousands are set to attend the five-day festival which was started in 1970 and cost just £1

Now, a general admission ticket will cost more than £300, and some punters aren’t prepared to pay more for drinks 

Spirit lovers are also surprised as a double and a mixer will set you back at least £12 and the most expensive combination being a spirit and Red Bull. 

A can of the energy drink on its own will cost £4.50 as opposed to their starting retail price of £1.50.

The cheapest wine option appears to begin at £29 and a half pint of soft drink starts at £3. 

Twitter users have responded in outrage over the soaring prices of drinks, with one writing ‘SIX POUNDS EIGHTY PENCE’ and another commenting ‘Just shy of 7 quid for a San Miguel?!’

Another user commented: ‘Robbing b*******… can’t wait.’ 

One user commented with an angry emoji: ‘Half a pint of coke £3’ 

One savvy social media user said: ‘Glad I packed plenty of rum. Maybe backed up by the odd cheeky pint from the cider bus.’ 

Others appeared content with the prices, one said: ‘£6 for a cider, not too shabby’ while another agreed: ‘Actually not that bad’.

Twitter users respond in outrage to shared prices of the Glastonbury festival due to commence this month

Beer prices at the festival are roughly the same as an average pub in London

Another said: ‘Considering it was £8+ at the cricket at the weekend, I don’t fall out with this.’

But spirit drinkers appear unpleased, one said: ‘F*** me those spirit prices.’ 

The drinks are roughly the same as the cost of a pint in London, and the festival offers free drinking water. 

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When first set up in the late summer of 1970, admission was just £1, which included free camping and free milk. 

Now, it is one of the most expensive festivals in the UK, and general admission will cost £335 with the addition of a £5 booking fee. 

The rising prices of the festival has upset many in recent years, and in 2022 Co-organiser Emily Eavis responded to the outrage. 

She wrote: ‘We have tried very hard to minimise the increase in price on the tickets but we’re facing enormous rises in the costs of running this vast show.’

The organiser attributed the pandemic to placing a financial toll on the festival, and thanked fans for their continued support. She said: ‘We are, as always, hugely appreciative of your ongoing support.’

The MailOnline has contacted Glastonbury festival organisers for comment on the current drink prices. 

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