Prince Harry’s pal Tom Bradby warns bad deal from Sandringham summit could prove ‘toxic’ for Royal Family – The Sun

HARRY’S journalist pal Tom Bradby warned a bad deal from today’s Sandringham summit could prove “toxic”.

The ITV news anchorman said of Harry and Meghan: “You’ve got to give them the freedom they want, you’ve got to give them the role they want in the Royal Family if they’re still to have a role.”

Speaking in an ITV documentary on the crisis, he said: “You’ve got to make sure British taxpayers don’t feel cheated, which is central.

“The money thing is key, what they do is key. One of the questions I don’t know the answer to is, ‘Are they at the point where they are just writing off Britain?’ My hunch is, the answer to that is no, I don’t think they are. Particularly, I don’t know about her, but for him I can’t stress enough he loves this country, he believes in the monarchy.”

He said a “half-in, half-out model” may work but needs “careful thought and imagination”.

He added: “The British taxpayer has got to feel this is a deal that works for them otherwise that’s toxic.”

The couple spoke to Mr Bradby about the pressures they faced in an interview in South Africa last year.

He believes they did not use his documentary as a “warning shot”.

He said: “I think it was like a ‘we’re finding this situation really difficult, we’ve got to say something because the pressure is building up’.”

Earlier he warned of the dangers of losing them.

He told the ­Sunday Times: “Harry and Meghan appeal to a young, multicultural, progressive demographic that, to put it kindly, is not the family’s strongest suit.

"It is not just that they might lose this group, but that it could actively turn against them.”

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