Peter Mandelson stayed at Jeffrey Epstein's New York home

Former Business Secretary Peter Mandelson was due to stay at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York townhouse while he was in jail for underage sex crimes, according to court papers that also reveal disgraced financier’s pet name for him was ‘Petie’

  • The internal report was prepared by JPMorgan Chase after Epstein’s 2019 arrest
  • The newly released internal report claims Epstein knew Mandelson as ‘Petie’

Peter Mandelson was due to stay at convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s New York townhouse while he was in jail for underage sex crimes, a JPMorgan internal report has alleged.

Lord Mandelson, 69, who served as a minister in both Tony Blair’s and then Gordon Brown’s Labour governments, and was at one time considered the de facto deputy prime minister, is claimed to have held repeat meetings with the disgraced financier. The report claims he was due to stay in his Manhattan home while Epstein was serving time in prison for soliciting prostitution from a girl below age 18.

The 22-page internal report, prepared by JPMorgan Chase after Epstein’s arrest in 2019, also claims that Mandelson was known to the convicted paedophile as ‘Petie’.

The newly released report, filed to a New York court on Tuesday, now lays bare the extent of Mandelson’s relationship with Epstein.

The company’s report found that ‘Jeffrey Epstein appears to maintain a particularly close relationship with Prince Andrew the Duke of York and Lord Peter Mandelson, a senior member of the British government.’

The newly released report claims Mandelson was known to Epstein as ‘Petie’. Peter Mandelson is pictured with Jefferey Epstein in Paris at the peadophile’s 54th birthday in 2007

Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein (pictured in 2005) invited ex-Barclays Bank boss Jes Staley to meetings with top UK Government officials after he was released from jail for sex crimes, an internal investigation has revealed

The newly released report now lays bare the extent of Mandelson’s relationship with Epstein.  Mandelson is pictured as he is interviewed in Westminster, June 24, 2016

The report, codenamed ‘Project Jeep’, found that Epstein repeatedly offered to connect Peter Mandelson as well as then Chancellor Alistair Darling with former JPMorgan executive Jes Staley.

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The two continued to mention Mandelson in a string of message exchanges.

At the time, Staley – who left his job as chairman of the investment banking unit of JPMorgan Chase in 2013 – was tasked with managing Epstein’s multimillion-dollar account.

The report suggests that in June 2009 Mandelson, only days after being made Business Secretary, was due to stay at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse while the convicted paedophile was incarcerated in a private wing of Palm Beach County Stockade, Florida.

Epstein is alleged to have written to Staley on June 17, 2009 asking if he would like to meet with Mandelson. The message read: ‘Peter will be staying at 71st over weekend, do you want to organize either you, or you and Jamie,, quiertly [sic],, up to you.’ Epstein appears to be referencing Jamie Dimon, the long-time chairman and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase.

Staley appears to respond to Epstein saying he would if he wasn’t away elsewhere and that Dimon was in Asia.

Another exchange on March 29, 2010 from Mandelson shows the then Business Secretary asking Epstein: ‘Can Jes (Staley) send me email on issues re Dodds/Volcker.’ The reference appears to allude to banking regulations enacted following the global financial crisis.

The string of messages between 2009 and early 2011 continually shows Epstein calling Mandelson ‘Petie’.

Peter Mandelson (pictured right in cabinet in 1998) served in Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s Labour governments 

Jes Staley (left), former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers (second left), and Bill Gates (right) are picture with Epstein in 2011 after he was convicted of soliciting prostitution from  underage girls

Peter Mandelson is alleged to have stayed at Jeffrey Epstein’s residence at 9 East 71st Street in the Manhattan in June 2009

In one interaction in January 2010, according to the report, Epstein wrote to Staley seemingly inviting him to meet with Mandelson and Darling at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

‘I’ve set up you and peter to meet in davos with darling,’ Epstein allegedly wrote. 

Staley, days later, replied: ‘Peter last night. Darling in 20 minutes. Will talk again with Peter this AM.’

Darling has claimed he has ‘no recollection of meeting Staley’, the Financial Times reported, adding that he denied having dealings with Epstein and questioned: ‘Why would I?’

The document in question involved JPMorgan’s efforts to purchase the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) stake in Sempra Energy and a mining deal in the Congo.

A spokesman for Mandelson said: ‘Lord Mandelson very much regrets ever having been introduced to Epstein.

‘This connection has been a matter of public record for some time. He never had any kind of professional or business relationship with Epstein in any form.’

JPMorgan’s 22-page internal report, prepared after Epstein’s arrest in 2019, reportedly showed how the late sex offender would regularly provide business advice to then-exec Jes Staley, (pictured in October 2019)

Lord Mandelson (c) speaks during the Labour Party’s first press conference of the election campaign in Westminster on April 8, 2010. He is pictured with Alastair Darling (right) and Gordon Brown (left)

Darling has since claimed the Treasury was not involved in running RBS and that meetings on government business would have been attended by civil servants.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Darling said he ‘very much regrets ever having been introduced to Epstein,’ and that he ‘never had any kind of professional or business relationship with Epstein in any form.’

The Financial Times reported that a source close to Mandelson confirmed that he did meet Staley to discuss the banking crisis but said Epstein ‘certainly’ did not set up the meeting. 

The report also alleges that Epstein and Mandelson spoke and met on a ‘number of occasions’, including in Paris.

There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing by Darling or Mandelson.

It is not known when Mandelson and Epstein first met but a 2002 New York Magazine article said the ex-Labour politician had attended a dinner party at the tycoon’s Manhattan home where other guests included Donald Trump.

Photos from the mid-2000s have emerged showing them celebrating a birthday party at Epstein’s Paris apartment and shopping together in the Caribbean.

They were introduced by Ghislaine Maxwell, who was jailed for 20 years for helping Epstein traffic under-age girls.

A source close to Mandelson added the friendship was mainly through Maxwell and he had never done business with Epstein, saying: ‘As we now better understand, she procured many things for him, including prominent folk of influence.’

They added it was ‘obvious’ that Mandelson, who is gay, would have had nothing to do with the underage girls Epstein arranged for other people. 

The report alleged that  ‘Jeffrey Epstein appears to maintain a particularly close relationship with Prince Andrew the Duke of York and Lord Peter Mandelson, a senior member of the British government’

Epstein is alleged to have invited Staley to meetings with various senior officials in foreign governments, including then UK Parliament member Peter Mandelson and Dubai port kingpin Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem (pictured)

Other notable figures in the newly released report included Dubai’s Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, who also appeared to engaged in regular correspondence with Epstein after his 2006 arrest in Florida.

Bin Sulayem, the CEO of prominent ports operator DP World, made several visits to Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse between 2011 and 2014, according to JPMorgan – meetings that were only made possible by an email introduction from Epstein.

A message penned in December 2009 saw Epstein tell Staley how to conduct himself around the Emirati businessman during these meetings – reportedly saying: ‘sultan is laying the groundwork for you to establish a serious presence.’

‘[JPMorgan’s] reputation in the region is poor,’ Epstein warned, roughly a year after he himself was sentenced to 18 months in jail for a sex ring in Florida.

However, under a secret arrangement, the US attorney’s office agreed not to prosecute Epstein for federal crimes – after which the disgraced banker posed for a photo with Epstein, former JPMorgan Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates seemingly in celebration at Epstein’s Manhattan home.

Moreover, Staley sensationally visited Epstein in prison after his 2019 conviction for prostitution in the US Virgin Islands, after which he hanged himself during his incarceration.

The report, meanwhile, insists that not just Staley, but JPMorgan’s current head of asset and wealth management, Mary Erdoes, had ‘regular communication with [Epstein] related to certain strategic initiatives and business proposals’ starting in 2011.

The document reportedly claims that several of these messages were personal in nature, with the lion’s share of the correspondence coming between Staley and Epstein – who regularly discussed women and referred to themselves as ‘family.’

The developments comes as current JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has waged legal war against Staley

The report further claimed that Epstein even offered to help one of Staley’s daughters, Alexa, apply to several graduate schools, including Columbia University

In one July 2010 email exchange, Staley reportedly wrote to Epstein, ‘That was fun. Say hi to Snow White.’

In response, Epstein reportedly wrote: ‘[W]hat character would you like next?’; to which Staley replied, ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

In 2011, the pair seemed to engage in an exchange that referenced Epstein’s 2008 conviction in Florida, with Staley telling his high-profile client, ‘You have paid a price for what has been accused. But we know what u[sic] have done for us. 

‘We count you as one of our deepest friends. And most honest of people.’

The report also allegedly contained correspondence that suggested Staley shared nonpublic information with Epstein, such as prospective executive shuffles before they were officially announced and word on still-ongoing deals.

The new information dump serves as the latest development in a case filed by the US Virgin Islands that contends the New York-based bank knew about Epstein’s behavior for years – and even aided by turning a blind eye to the sex fiend’s sordid exploits.

The bank recently settled a similar suit brought by an unnamed woman on behalf of several of Epstein’s victims, forking over $290million in the process.

The evidence brought by both parties was enough to sway a Manhattan judge to rule the cases could go forward, and order the firm in March to hand over any records involving CEO Jamie Dimon and ex-exec Staley in the process.

The pair, former close friends who held positions of power during Epstein’s crimes at his island compound, have since waged legal war against one another, with Dimon, 67, insisting Staley, 66, knowingly concealed information about Epstein’s account.

Epstein ran much of his criminal activities out of his compound on Little St. James Island, a private itself he owned off the coast that falls in the Virgin Islands’ jurisdiction. The territory has claimed that at least one JPMorgan exec knew about Epstein’s trafficking on their island

‘The parties believe this settlement is in the best interests of all parties, especially the survivors who were the victims of Epstein’s terrible abuse,’ a statement released by JP Morgan on Monday said

The newly released report serves as the bank’s latest attempt to prove to the court that this is, in fact, the case, as it pursues its own suit against Staley.

It alleges Staley misled them as to the continued actions of Epstein, while the Virgin Isles continues to maintain the high-powered exec – who left his CEO job at Barclays in 2021 – knew about Epstein’s trafficking of women and teenage girls on their island.

The bank also claims Staley was the unnamed executive identified in the aforementioned Epstein accuser’s recently settled suit, which accused the banker of engaging in assaults along with Epstein.

Staley’s lawyers denied the allegations against him and told the Wall Street Journal that their client, who left the bank in 2013 for a short-lived CEO-stint at Barclays, regrets his relationship with Epstein. 

Epstein died in custody while awaiting a sex trafficking trial.

In his absence, the only person to have faced criminal prosecution over his crimes is Ghislaine Maxwell. 

She is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence after being convicted of facilitating the abuse. 

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