Pet python captured eating a live mouse in striking images

Up sh** squeak: Doomed mouse looks to be calling out for help as it’s crushed by a python… who swallows the rodent whole

  • Dzul Dzulfikri, a python-owner from Indonesia, captured these images of his pet reptile feeding on live mice 
  • 48-year-old dropped a mouse into the python’s cage and took pictures as it struck, squeezing its prey to death
  • As it was suffocated, the rodent held out its arms as if pleading for mercy before being eaten whole 

Arms spread and mouth agape – this is the moment a mouse appeared to be pleading for help as it was suffocated by a 3ft-long python before being eaten whole in Indonesia. 

The images were captured by 48-year-old reptile owner Dzul Dzulfikri, from Indonesia, as he fed the live rodent to his pet earlier this year. 

Dzulfikri dropped the mouse into the python’s cage and then grabbed his camera as the predator quickly struck its prey, wrapping the mouse in its tail before constricting it to death over the course of five minutes.

While pythons can be trained to eat frozen mice, most will only eat live prey that they have killed themselves – hence why Dzulfikri gave his pet living prey.

‘Although I was happy and excited to have captured these shots, I felt quite sad for the mouse whilst watching it struggle in its final moments,’ he said.

Python-owner Dzul Dzulfikri, from Indonesia, captured this image of a mouse appearing to plead for help as it was suffocated to death by his pet reptile during a feeding session earlier this year

Dzulfikri said he dropped the live mouse into his python’s cage and then grabbed his camera to catch the moments after the reptile struck and while it constricted its prey to death

Having killed the mouse, the python proceeded to eat the rodent whole. Most snakes eat their prey in one sitting by unhinging their jaws, and will not need to feed again for weeks or sometimes months

While captive pythons can be trained to eat frozen mice, their instinct is to only eat freshly killed prey – meaning most will need to be fed live animals, even while being kept as pets

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