Parking outside my kids' school is absolute CHAOS – driveways get blocked and I'm scared someone will get hurt

FURIOUS neighbours living near a Nottingham primary school have blasted mums and dads who block driveways as they drop their kids off.

Locals living near Bramcote Hills in Moor Lane, Bramcote say they face scenes of "absolute chaos" every school day and fear someone will be hurt.

School chiefs have urged parents to park properly. The head has also agreed hire CCTV cars to monitor traffic at drop off and pick-up times.

But police say residents are often trapped in their homes bydrivers parking up on kerbs, the Nottingham Post reports.

One parent said: "I live down the road and my daughters go to the school. At times, it is absolute chaos – it is so dangerous.

"People park directly outside the school. It's been a problem since before Covid and there's nothing the school can do about it unfortunately. It's up to the parents.

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"I've even seen people getting out of their cars and shouting abuse at each other."

Drivers have been seen swerving onto the pavement and into driveways, the parent said.

"It's terrible," they added.

"I won't let my children walk to school by themselves because it's too dangerous."

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Another resident: "It is a big issue – it's one I expected when I moved into the house because the school is right there.

"Sometimes there is so much traffic that nothing and no-one has moved for around 10 minutes."

But not everyone thinks the situation is quite so bleak.

Kapil Amrithpal, 42, said: "I come here and it's usually OK.

"I always drive and I try to park as sensibly as I can."

Pete Taylor, Bramcote Primary School's headteacher, said: “The safety of children at the school is paramount and we urge parents and carers to park safely and responsibly at school drop-off and collection times.

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"We actively encourage parents and carers to walk or cycle to school if possible and we regularly remind them about parking and driving safely near to the school.

"Given the ongoing concerns, I have also agreed with the county council to deploy one of the specialist CCTV cars to the area of the school to monitor the situation and send a clear message to the minority of drivers who act irresponsibly."

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