Parents try to ‘tame’ rebellious teen daughter, 13, by dumping her on a deserted island

FED-UP parents have reportedly dumped their troublesome teenage daughter on a deserted island to teach her a lesson about hardship.

The 13-year-old girl was said to have been found by fishermen on the island off the coast of the Chinese province of Shandong after her mum and dad brought her there.

Chinese media are widely reporting the shocking incident.

The girl’s parents were said to have taken the child to the remote island to teach their rebellious daughter a lesson about hardship and adversity. 

The teen was said to have dropped out of school and stayed in her room all day long. 

Fearing she was wasting her potential, the parents decided that it was time for desperate measures, reports China Press.

This prompted her mum and dad to take her to the deserted island off the coast of Rushan City where she was accompanied by a survival expert. 

But after two days, the girl reportedly flagged down fishermen who then called the police. 

When the cops arrived, the teenager reportedly told them: "I really can’t stand it. 

"They forced me to survive on a deserted island.

"I only have water and biscuits."

The girl added: "I couldn’t light a fire. Please take me ashore."

The police then ordered the parents to take their distressed daughter home.

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