Pamplona party girl climbs fountain before flashing and falling back into a crowd of San Fermin 2017 fiesta-goers

THIS is the cheeky moment a statuesque blonde risks all by climbing to the top of a famous Spanish landmark before FLASHING  her boobs and jumping off.

The saucy senorita scaled the side of Pamplona's historic Fuente de Navarreria fountain before bearing her breasts to the cheering crowds below.

The beauty – wearing a Marilyn Monroe-style dress – is then seen falling backwards into the arms of hundreds of fellow San Fermin fiesta goers.

In recent years, the fountain has become a magnet for daredevils who climb to the top and then launch themselves off.

The relatively-new tradition was rumoured to have been started by some boozed-up Australians who were in town for the annual festival.

Even now many of those taking part in the stunt are from overseas.

After a few vinos, they climb to the top of the fountain, which is in the middle of the street, and they dive off the top to the waiting arms of those below.

Not surprisingly, local tourism bosses have called for the perilous practice to be banned after a spate of nasty accidents.


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Local officials are now trying to ban people leaping off the monumentCredit: Solarpix

But after her cheeky routine, this was one lady who was 100 per cent safe as local senors were climbing over each other to catch her.

The 18th century fountain is located in the heart of Pamplona's beautiful old town.

It dominates a square where the famous Marqués de Rozalejo Palace stands.

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