Outrage as woman advertises 10 litres of petrol for £50 on Facebook – nearly FOUR TIMES more than it costs at the pump

AN opportunist sparked fury for advertising 10 litres of petrol for £50 on Facebook – four times more than what it costs at the pump.

The woman's cheeky advertisement on a local Stockport community Facebook page was met with anger.

The advert was posted on the Marple, Romiley and Bredbury Community Facebook page on Monday.

The caption read: “10L e10 petrol. Collection from Romiley. £50 Ono. Cans not included but can fill up on collection.”

The post, which included a photo of two green petrol cans, attracted fury from others online.

One person commented: "Is this a wind up?"

It's believed the post has now been deleted.

This comes as thousands of Brits have been forced to work from home with queues building outside petrol stations from as early as 5am.

Drivers were urged to keep their cool today as millions head back to work.

Many had spent the weekend struggling to refuel at packed forecourts — with up to 90 per cent running dry.

ens of thousands of people are working from home, with TomTom traffic data revealing congestion is down today in all major cities.

Desperate motorists have even started following fuel delivery drivers to petrol stations, earning the nickname 'tanker w***ers'.

A Twitter user said his brother-in-law, a lorry driver who delivers fuel, is being "literally tracked".

"He says it's like the end of days," he added.

A petrol tanker driver in Essex has also reported that he was "tailed" as he went to make a delivery.

Meanwhile, NHS staff have been left stranded and schools are planning a return to online learning as teachers can't fill up their tanks.

Many petrol stations are now prioritising medics in special two-hour slots where they must show ID.

 It comes as…

  • Petrol supplies have been plundered with industry figures revealing 85% of stations have run out of fuel
  • Soldiers could be called in to help deliver fuel tankers as the PM mulls calling in the army
  • Brawls have broken out across forecourts – including dramatic scenes between moped drivers
  • Susanna Reid slams the Government, and asks "where are they?" as leaders refuse to appear on TV
  • Competition laws have been suspended in an attempt to curb panic buying
  • The UK’s second-biggest oil refinery faces collapse over a £223million VAT payment
  • An ambulance crashed into traffic waiting for petrol while rushing to an emergency
  • Grant Shapps blamed hauliers for the chaotic scenes
  • A list of petrol stations with fuel can be seen here

Boris Johnson is mulling plans to call in the army as motorists queued for four hours or more in lines stretching for miles – although Environment Secretary George Eustice this morning said there's "no plans at the moment" for personnel.

The government insists there's no fuel shortage. Top officials have de­fen­ded plans to ship in foreign drivers to get ­tankers moving.

But critics slammed the plan as “throwing a thimble of water on a bonfire”.

And despite the PM's reassurances, the crisis has seen competition laws suspended to allow businesses such as Shell and BP to share drivers. 

Last night the government agreed to tear up competition rules so big fuel firms can work together to supply areas worst hit by shortages.

Appealing for calm, Transport Minister Grant Shapps said the problem was being caused by panic-buying and insisted it would eventually resolve itself.

He stressed: “There is plenty of fuel within the country.

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“If people fill up cars when they normally would, then you won’t have queues and you won’t have shortages at the pump.”

Thieves are drilling holes into parked cars to steal fuel after panic buying sparked a petrol shortage.

In one video – believed to be shot in Birmingham – Shadrack Olaloko tells how his car was targeted by thugs on Sunday.

He said: "What these guys did was they came and drained out all my fuel in the tank.

"My car uses diesel. Normally I lock my car, I don't joke with it."

The thieves forced his petrol cap open from the hatch in the side of the car, before going underneath.

"They made a hole in my tank. Can you see? They made a hole and drained out all the diesel. A full tank of diesel," he added.

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