One in ten people – 5.5 million adults – could have diabetes by 2030, experts warn

ONE in ten people could have diabetes by 2030, experts warn.

Rising obesity levels mean 5.5 million adults will have the disease within a decade — up from 4.9 million today, charity Diabetes UK said.

And a further 17 million will be at risk of Type 2 because of their weight.

CEO Chris Askew said: “We’re at the tipping point of a public health emergency and need action today to stop it.

“It’s a sobering thought that, if we don’t act, hundreds of thousands more will face the life-changing news that they have Type 2 diabetes.

“With the right care and support, diabetes complications can be avoided and cases of Type 2 diabetes can be put into remission or prevented altogether.”

Most people with Type 2 diabetes — around 90 per cent of all cases — get it because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Type 1 cannot be prevented.

Diabetes UK has called for government investment in weight-loss programmes, diabetes prevention and check-ups to stop patients getting complications.

Two-thirds of Brits are overweight. The NHS is already delivering the world’s largest type 2 diabetes prevention programme.

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