New Ukip chairman Paul Oakden is a ‘political suicide bomber’ says Tory MP after revealing he pretended to be a PILOT on a dating site – The Sun

ANDREW Bridgen has accused new Ukip chairman, Paul Oakden, of being a 'political suicide bomber'.

The MP's comments come after he confirmed last night that he had FIRED him as his agent back in 2008.

One of the reasons Mr Oakden was let go from his post was because he spent so much time on dating sites during work hours.

Mr Bridgen revealed that he had also fibbed on his profile by listing his occupation as a pilot, and he claimed he owned an £150,000 Aston Martin – which actually belonged to him.

He accused the Ukip chair of being a 'Walter Mitty' type character who "shouldn't be allowed anywhere near politics".

Farage wanted to rid Ukip of Walter Mitty types

Oakden, an assistant to Ukip MEP Roger Helmer since 2013, stepped into the interim-chairman role last month after the resignation of Steve Crowther.

These revelations are very embarrassing for the party who are embroiled in vicious infighting following Mr Farage’s exit as leader last month.

The former chief vowed to rid the party of the 'fantasists' that had dogged it in the past, speaking in 2014 of the danger of ‘Walter Mittys seeking a role in politics’.

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In 2008, Mr Oakden became parliamentary agent for Mr Bridgen.

But instead of working, he spent most of his time on dating site MingleVille and was fired after eight weeks, according to the MP.

On his now deleted profile the 36-year-old, when asked what makes him angry, had answered: "My own limitations."

And of what makes him jealous he wrote: "I don’t deal in jealousy’"

He also wrote "flying myself up into the heavens" made him happy.

Under the photo of him posing with Mr Bridgen's grey Aston Martin he commented: "Isn't she a beauty?"

But last night Mr Oakden defended his posts on the dating website and shrugged off the Walter Mitty accusation.

He said: “Yes, I was on this social networking site nine years ago. I didn’t do it under my own name as I was doing work for an aspiring politician.

"As I had been training for my pilot’s licence I put that as my occupation.

“I’m flattered to be reminded that fellow users rated me 10 out of 10, although I am obviously embarrassed that people will now know I used to work for Andrew Bridgen.”

A senior Ukip insider told Mail Online that Oakden should be sacked.

They said: "He is a Walter Mitty, he has to go. This website shows him as a complete charlatan."

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